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Released on: July 24, 2010, 5:29 am
Author: Harrison Fielding
Industry: Internet & Online

Internet Reputation Management, a company that leads the field in helping small and large businesses manage their online reputation, is now offering a free analysis through its web site. Over one hundred companies to date have benefited from a program that helps them to dominate and control search results using their key words or phrases, while minimizing the impact of any negative information that might have been published about them or their products.

July 24, 2010 -- When companies are lagging in search engine results, or the online content that does show up is negative in nature, they turn to Internet Reputation Management to put things right. With high quality tools, fast results, skilled writers and a focus on customer service, Internet Reputation Management has become known as a leading online reputation repair service. Over 100 companies -including some that are household names- have taken advantage of Internet Reputation Management’s services, and now that expertise is available without charge, through a free reputation management online consultation.

Because the Internet is an open platform, anyone can write anything about any company, product or individual. This is often a good thing, but when a negative review, unflattering photo or embarrassing video shows up at the top of a search page, online reputation suffers. Potential clients or customers don’t always scroll down through those poor results to read the rest. When people say that the web is forever, it’s not an exaggeration. Negative material doesn’t simply disappear from the Internet, it has to be made irrelevant by having positive or neutral material replace the bad in search results. However, sometimes the cure can be as bad as the disease. Poorly executed search engine optimization (or SEO) looks unprofessional, especially if search results point to material that’s been poorly written. Using spamming techniques only aggravates customers further. The Internet Reputation Management team includes editors and wordsmiths who are based in North America and are subject matter experts. Editors have advanced literary degrees, ensuring well crafted content, and the experts in SEO know exactly which strategies are most effective. They work closely with their client to devise an effective strategy, remaining accessible throughout the project. The entire team is dedicated, professional, customer-focused and discrete.

In addition to offering a free consultation, Internet Reputation Management offers Do-It-Yourself reputation management online through a list of Top 10 DIY reputation management tips. These represent a simplified version of what the Internet Reputation Management teams does for their customers, but it provides a useful basis for those who choose to tackle the issue themselves. A blog is also provided, for those who want to keep on top of the tools, techniques and terms used in the industry.

About Internet Reputation Management: internet reputation management ( is based in Ventura, California. The management team has Internet marketing experience that goes back to 1993 and the earliest days of the web. Employees include a wide range of individuals with experience in search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, copy writing, public relations, web development, social media optimization, link building, project management and account management. For details about the free reputation management online consultation, or additional information about the company, please contact Laura Fahr, using the following information: Harrison Fielding, Internet Reputation Management, Laura Fahr,, 7770 Telegraph Rd. E432, Ventura, CA 93004, Phone #:1-877-259-6003.

Contact Details: Internet Reputation Management
Laura Fahr
7770 Telegraph Rd. E432
Ventura, CA 93004
Phone #:1-877-259-6003



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