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Released on: August 10, 2010, 3:55 am
Industry: Internet & Online

Whether you are looking to promote your business worldwide, share interesting news and stories with your friends and associates or just keep up with what’s buzzing in the world today, BookmarksHub ( is the place to be. BookmarksHub is an SEO friendly website that allows users to publish their own articles or read other articles and comment on them or share them with their friends and business associates.

Unlike other SEO websites, applies the DoFollow technique for its search engine optimization, which gives maximum coverage to the web links on the website. This means that as a business person or affiliate trying to promote your business online, you not only get to publish and share your business related articles or press releases online, but Bookmarks Hub also allows search engines to popularize your website for free.

You can even create a group for your business and invite all your customers to keep them apprised of any offers, promotions and future developments. This makes Bookmarks Hub an ideal portal for online marketing and business promotion. Whether you wish to launch a new business or promote an existing one, sell a product or gauge response from already existing customers -- as a Bookmarks Hub user, you get to promote your business for free!

Bookmarks Hub is also a great platform for voicing your opinion, sharing your ideas and getting yourself heard on the web. On Bookmarks Hub, users can create their own groups, add friends, and send and share messages with other users. Groups allow users to share articles with other members with a common interest in a topic. As a user, you can join a group to submit topical articles that other members would be interested in. You can also create your own group and share your knowledge and enthusiasm about your area of interest with other kindred fellows. Some groups may require membership approval before you become part of the group.

Bookmarks Hub has thousands of articles on a variety of topics from the everyday to the esoteric; such as health, travel, technology, fashion, sports and world news, to name a few. Hence, users can delight themselves in reading and gathering information on a variety of topics and sharing articles of interest with their friends, family and associates.

These days, social networking is a part of everyday life, and Bookmarks Hub allows users to share their favorite articles on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking websites. Even if you just want to refer to an article in the future, Bookmarks Hub allows you to save the article, so you can access it easily from your profile page the next time you log in. You can even discuss the topic with other users and leave comments for any article you have read. In short, Bookmarks Hub is the one-stop portal that takes care of all your business promotion and social networking needs.

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