UK SEO Experts Welcome the Decision to Empower Users in their Consumption of Online Video Advertisements



Released on: August 11, 2010, 3:33 am
Author: QueryCLick LTD
Industry: Internet & Online

A new ad-selecting tool, ASq, is to be employed by major websites in a programme of user empowerment over online advertising. Sites such as, and aim to have the tool implemented as of next month, when users will be able to choose which adverts appear in the videos they consume online.

The reasons behind such an alternative method of product promotion are not purely altruistic. In a piece of research carried out by Vivaki, the digital branch of French advertising company Publicis Group, it was revealed that users are twice as likely to click an ad if offered with a selection rather than having a pre-determined advert forced upon them.

According to the global research director at Microsoft's ads unit, Beth Uyenco Shatto;

“When you give people a choice, they tend to love you because you're showing them respect.”

Perhaps love is a strong word, but the opportunity for site visitors to be given a say in the promotional material they encounter will represent a drastically fresh approach to an otherwise chore-some element. After all, as Beth Shatto reminds us;

“If it wasn't for advertising, they [users] wouldn't be getting the content for free.”

Already, the video advertisement market represents the fastest-growing sector within online advertising. It is expected to continue in a similar, if not more impressive vein, with predictions from IDC that global online video ad spending will reach $11.3 billion by 2014. UK SEO company cited the continued prosperity of online advertising as a reference for the future success of the medium, informing us that;

“2009 saw advertising spend for online marketing overtake television for the first time, witnessing growth of 4.6% despite the otherwise universal recession experienced by the entire advertising sector.”

Due to the individualist nature of the online sphere, and the capacity for content and advertising to be targeted with far greater specificity in comparison with television, the online advertising market is seen to be the way forward for most companies.

UK SEO experts believe that by enhancing the element of personal choice, and thereby empowering the user in their promotional consumption, the ASq tool will provide a more efficient and productive advertising strategy for websites. A spokesperson for the company explained that:

“As a result of this shift of power towards the user, sites will find that by showing respect to the individual, they the site itself will command more respect, as will the promotional material. The outcome of this strategy will contribute towards a vastly improved conversion rate, as well as more attractive ROI for advertising and marketing companies.”

The targeting of individuals based on the choices they make online is not a new phenomenon. User trends are being used and interpreted to ever greater extents, allowing marketeers to better serve the needs of the online population. The introduction of the ASq tool is another step in this direction, with a strict focus on individual preference.

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