VistaBay's Drug Rehabilitation Provo-Area Programs Offer Re-Admittance At No Charge



Released on: August 26, 2010, 3:38 am
Author: Lauren
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Few facilities offer what VistaBay’s drug rehabilitation Provo-area programs do: re-admittance at no charge. If a graduate of one of VistaBay’s Narconon-based programs sticks to his discharge plan but sill relapses within six months, the facility will re-admit him for up to 30 days for free. VistaBay makes this pledge backed by a 70-percent success rate, compared to the 2-percent success rate touted by most traditional drug rehabilitation facilities. Vista Bay simply offers addicts looking for the best drug rehabs in Utah and its surrounding areas their best chance at long-term sobriety.

August 2010 – When looking at Utah drug rehabs, and rehabs in the surrounding areas, an addict should ask himself: What have I got to lose? Through VistaBay drug rehabilitation Provo-area programs, the addict has plenty to lose, but in a positive way. He can lose his addiction to drugs, and he also can lose any worry he has about spending money on a program that won’t work. VistaBay offers a 70 percent success rate, plus free re-admittance for up to 30 days for any graduate who sticks to his discharge plan but still relapses within six months.

VistaBay achieves such high success rates thanks to its Narconon-based approach, which includes a drug-free physical detoxification, life education courses and the previously mentioned discharge plan.

The drug-free physical detoxification at VistaBay’s drug rehabs in Utah and surrounding areas involves dry sauna sessions and nutritional therapy. These factors rid the addict’s system of drugs and drug residues. Removing all drug residues is an important part of the physical detoxification, as residues can cause physical cravings long after the addict – or student, as he is referred to in the Narconon program – has left treatment and trigger a relapse. The Narconon approach also does not use drugs to ease symptoms of withdrawal symptoms. Thanks to the physical detoxification at VistaBay Utah drug rehabs, the student can graduate from treatment truly drug-free.

The life education courses that are part of VistaBay drug rehabilitation Provo-area programs also prepare the student for the outside world. Through these courses, the student learns better ways to deal with stress and life’s many challenges. He also confronts past mistakes and begins to heal relationships harmed by his drug addiction. Finally, he will look forward to his future and set positive, achievable goals. Before graduating, the student will take these goals and develop a discharge plan with his counselors meant to prevent relapse.

Also contributing to the success of VistaBay Utah drug rehabs is Narconon’s open-ended approach to treatment. It does not limit a student’s stay to a time limit set by an insurance company. Instead, it offers a fixed-cost plan that allows a student to heal at his own pace. He leaves when he is able to live a sober life outside of treatment, and not a day before. The average stay at VistaBay’s drug rehabs in Utah and the surrounding areas is three to six months.

About VistaBay: Those looking for Utah drug rehabs can visit to learn more about the successful VistaBay programs. To speak with an intake counselor, call 877-599-6617. Those in need of treatment, or their loved ones, also can fill out a contact form on the website to have an intake counselor call at a convenient time. To schedule an interview with a member of the VistaBay team about the best drug rehabs in Utah, contact director of admissions Lauren at or 800-556-8885.

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