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Released on: September 28, 2010, 10:55 am
Author: Matthew Graff
Industry: Real Estate, a leading real estate marketing provider, helps for-rent-by-owners market their home online. With so many foreclosures and homes underwater, homeowners and investors are turning to renting their properties. With the vast amount of real estate available, those looking to rent are finding lots of homes for rent online.

September 28th, 2010 Renting a home has always been a path for those wanting to live in a house without the full cost of ownership. Today, potential renters are scouring the internet looking for potential homes to rent. They are finding truly amazing properties online and is one of the best sites to do that.

With homes underwater in many areas, property owners are renting their properties and marketing to potential renters is easier than ever with the internet. Spending countless hours marketing your property just doesn't make sense unless you have the resources available to you. Even with those resources, cost can be a factor. With an owner can market their property online for as little as $7.77. Investors who have four or five properties might want to venture into the unlimited plan available for $77.77. Either way, there is a low cost, but effective way to market your property online.

Helping to market these rentals at a low cost, but getting a lot of exposure for that dollar is a great opportunity to save on upfront costs and get the property rented quickly. Saving money on the upfront costs can mean more profit in renter's pocket, yet still providing a great property for their new potential renter.

About is a leading provider of real estate marketing. helps for-rent-by-owners, investors and many more market their properties at a low cost, but with maximum exposure. Finding a new home on is an easy way to find the rental property of your dreams. In addition to rentals, many people have found success in listing their homes for sale as well. Included in these offerings are land, condos, townhomes and mobile homes; just about something for everyone can be found on For additional details on how you can market your property or land, and to learn how to advertise your real estate, go to or use the following contact details below:

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