IPTV Goes MLM - Triniti Communications Launching HD 1080p IPTV Future Of Television

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Released on: September 03, 2010, 9:52 am
Industry: Telecommunications

Triniti Communications International will soon be unveiling Spirit Mobile, our international wireless phone service for both personal and business mobile phone customers that will literally change the way the game is played in the wireless phone service industry! Get Paid Marketing Prepaid Wireless HD 1080p IPTV Future of TV, Voip, Home Phone Service, Broadband Home Security AND High Speed Internet

And shortly behind the release of Spirit Mobile, we will be unveiling our new, revolutionary and exclusive MoIP international calling service called Spirit World that will allow you to make free international calls to 60 plus countries.

Triniti Communications Spirit Mobile's answer to Verizon's Motorola Droid and at&t's Apple iPhone. The NeoIBall 5.75 by NeoI is a revolutionary Google Android-powered, 3G, global GSM/CDMA smartphone designed to give you all the power and sophistication you need for both your personal and business lives. And the best part of it all is that it is Nuclius Ready and well equipped to unlock the magic and power of Nuclius while you are on the go worldwide.

Triniti Communications International will set the new standard for the use of this technology in our lives as we continue to make the constant transition to a completely digital world. Instead of traditional marketing and advertising methods, our Family of Independent Representatives are the voice who will introduce people to Triniti Communications International.

Triniti Communications International the right Network Marketing opportunity coupled with the right products and services mix is the foundation for a virtually indestructible and highly profitable business model that companies who operate under the traditional business model simply cannot compete with.

Now is the time to secure your generational wealth in this explosive industry! Don't miss out on this incredible timing and your positioning. We are at the Ground Floor in an industry that has been growing steadily for the past 18yrs and is ready to go vertical!

Pre-paid is the trend in wireless phones. Eighty (80) percent of the European market is already on pre-paid vs. on contract. Wireless industry analysts predict the wireless market will be 70-80% pre-paid within the next five years.

HD IPTV Breakthrough technology is being released right now around world, USA and CANADA is next. Technology and products that will be in every home in the next 5 to 10 years.You can either spend money on this technology or make money from this technology.The choice is yours. I can assure you it is coming. there is nothing we can do to stop it. It is coming whether we like it or not.

Get paid for becoming part of the Wireless Revolution! with over $160 billion dollars being spent monthly on wireless communications in the US alone, and a major shift from postpaid to prepaid get paid when your phone rings!

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