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Released on: September 07, 2010, 3:10 am
Author: Sandi Belisle
Industry: Internet & Online

Minneapolis, MN September 7, 2010 - Internet marketing services includes features which influence the victory of a website and since Google search is and has been the leader within the internet world for a long time controlling over 75% of the internet traffic and any changes made by google affects all websites which is the foundation of marketing for webmasters, google then becomes a target of interest for any changes they now implement.

Internet marketing services includes features which influence the victory of a website. The internet is a uncertain and evolving entity with a life of it’s own or so it seems. Many of the strategies used successfully nine or ten years ago have now become either totally out-of-date in usefulness or simply not able to provide the website owner with the tools to successfully compete with other website owners.

Internet marketing services studies and uses all the latest and newest techniques due to successful quality results of the tests that are conducted upon detection of a system or software.

Since research is consistently conducted, many times new information is discovered and either eliminated from it’s knowledge base due to inferior information or features and also Internet Marketing Services will disclose new trends or information that is being used by various search engines or marketing gurus that is utmost valuable for webmasters to learn about.

One of the most recent interesting discoveries involved a report from various parties about Google’s change to it’s systems which was reported as being implemented now. This change discovered by Internet Marketing Services was reported not as planned change but as an actual change being implemented. As a result, since Internet Marketing Services main goal is to research and gather various information together in order to report its discoveries, this was began.

The alteration expected was that paid listings will no longer show in a different background color on the side and top of google. The party disclosing this change was extremely excited especially over the listings on the top of google above the natural listings.

In the recent past, it has become known to just about anyone surfing the internet that the part of the listing by google with the different colored backgrounds were a result of googles PPC and not because those websites have earned the honor of being there that happens within the area just below those. The surfer has over the years ceased to click as much on those websites with a different background simply because the surfer wants an authority website to view to ensure they get the information they seek and not something that would be sold to them instead.

This report has stated that this new system is currently in process of being implemented however when Internet Marketing Services conducted some searches using googles search bar which brings up a list of websites as described, it was discovered that sometimes the background has been removed and sometimes it hasn’t. In fact, most of the searches brought back the colored backgrounds still on the top of the page.

Google in the past has conducted many tests unbeknownst to its users and we question whether this is really the case at this time versus completely implementing this system. If you take a step back and view both sides of the picture, background versus no background, you can see the dilemma facing google and the complex decision to do this or not.

Traditionally all business must make decisions and moves in business that equate to an increase in overall revenue for two reasons. One being, naturally to be able to pay the continuing growing expenses necessary to run the business and secondly to compete successfully with competitors. Google is no different.

Internet Marketing Services evaluates the ramifications of each decision facing google. With the advent change or removal of the background, Google will experience a highly competitive bidding war by PPC companies driving up the keywords to a high value. This could possibly increase the income enormously but on the other side of this equation is the thousands of webmasters who may not purchase PPC but do give Google a lot of its traffic as they are regularly competing to be top in the natural listing of Google where only high quality websites are placed. If this position, etc. is taken from them, what will they do? Will they then move to a competitor instead of battling a war they now can’t win or will they be satisfied with the top #4 as the best placement they can reach?

Then, what will the visitors do who expect to be able to immediately distingquish between websites that mainly only seek to sell them information versus websites of a high quality where they can more than likely obtain information they seek. Will they go to Bing now with their searches or Yahoo?

Internet Marketing Services believes that since this has not, based on appearances, become a global change as yet that Google is still battling the facts needed to make a good decision not only for themselves but for the many clients who have stuck by them and with them over the years.

Most people prefer the Google search versus many other searches available simply because the quality has been so good over the years. The public has come to depend on the high integrity in quality offered to them by google. In the event that this changes, people may consider moving to where they can obtain their information for quality sites quickly and easily.

Internet Marketing Services is hopeful that Google will find other methods to increase their revenue and maybe they will find that the trade off in making this change, facts being discovered from their testing, would allow them to keep their current system intact.

Is it possible that if enough webmasters imparted their opinions that we could have an impact on Google’s decision change? That is hard to say. We are sure the facts obtain by google will be the deciding factor. Internet Marketing Services

Internet Marketing Services provides helpful information to help webmasters marketing their websites plus supplies the best quality free list of press release websites available on the internet to help webmasters with their press releases.

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