AAA Attorney Referral Service Announces Nationwide Expansion As AAA Attorney Network Nationwide With Four New Programs



Released on: October 27, 2010, 5:03 am
Author: Lisa Spitzer Msw Lsw
Industry: Law

AAA Attorney Referral service Florida and Georgia's oldest bonafide lawyer referral service is taking their concept nationwide. According to Lisa Spitzer, the owner, "Attorneys practices are hurting due to increased competition and the current economic environment. Many are having trouble staying float" There is a need for an all inclusive and varied approach" The lawyer practice perfect program is the beginning of the process. Lawyers are taught how to manage their practices in order to compete.They have been watching practices succeed and fail since 1996. They have been listening to referral service callers and what they say about law offices. They have listened to secretaries, receptionists, and fancy office answering systems. We know who succeeds, who fails, and why. Now they are ready to impart our knowledge to law firms. They claim they can:

* Increase Referrals
* Retain More Clients
* Improve Your Bottom Line
* Book More Appointments
* Have Less No Shows
* Compete and Survive in This Economy

Once the practice completes this overhaul there are numerous choices for increasing clients. They have three new websites., and each oriented to a specific legal need. There is a unique web optimization program that a law firm can utilize without even having a website. This uses 411 keywords, web directories and web classifieds, articles and pres leases. Each program is specifically designed to meed the individual states rules regarding lawyer referral service,internet referral services, directories, and legal information services. This is the only all inclusive system of its kind If you are in Florida, Georgia, Texas, New York, New Jersey or a variety of other states you can increase your client base. This program works for Personal injury attorneys, workers compensation attorneys, criminal defense, DUI defense, Admiralty and even tort claims. It can be as specific as Attorneys for Truckers. The best part is " we can teach attorneys and attorneys staff how to hit the hot button of the caller needing legal help, this gives the competitive edge" says Spitzer.

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