Elbow Friend Takes Flight In SkyMall and CompUSA Stores


Released on: October 11, 2010, 3:06 am
Author: ElbowFriend.com
Industry: Retail

BURBANK, CA, October 11, 2010. ELBOW FRIEND is proud to announce their ergonomic, ultra-comfortable chair add-on has been newly re-designed and is now available through SkyMall In-Flight Magazine and CompUSA stores throughout the country.

The Elbow Friend is the revolutionary, patent-pending ergonomic armrest solution for reducing the Forearm Fatigue felt by every day chair users during prolonged usage.

It is used in office and home environments, waiting rooms, wheelchairs, student dorms, medical rehabilitation and occupational therapy, and is now available for use in vehicles. It provides the necessary elbow and forearm cushion support that many stock chairs lack in their hard plastic armrests or weak memory foams and gels.

Available colors now include solid corporate colors such as Black and Navy, as well as more vibrant colors including Red, Green, Gold and the new Hot Pink Elbow Friend, with custom logo imprinting also available.

Please visit www.elbowfriend.com for more product FAQs and consumer reviews or, if you would like a free sample sent with our wholesale/re-sale pricing guide in volume orders, please contact us at your convenience.

Contact Details: Thad Alan
146 West Verdugo Avenue
Burbank, CA 91502
phone: (818) 531-5443
fax: (818) 846-1120



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