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Released on: October 15, 2010, 9:39 am
Author: Blackcircles.com
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October is Tyre Safety Month - a time when retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and independent non-profit organisations are united in the task of trying to raise as much awareness as possible on a very important issue.

There are of course many good reasons behind checking tyres on a regular basis, from the safety aspects to the money saving qualities. One reason however, seems to be missed out quite often. That is the significance of having safe and legal tyres for an MOT test.

If a motorist fails to keep a regular eye on the condition of their tyres, they are running the risk of failing an MOT. One of the most important checks carried out - by law - during an MOT is on tyres.

To pass, tyres need to have a legal tread depth – in the UK the current requirements are at least 1.6mm across 75% of the tyre. They also need to be in good shape, i.e. no bulges or gouges on the sidewall or the tread.

MOT Test Statistics for 2007

Description Figures from 2007

Total MOT's carried out: 25,324,224
Total MOT Passes: 16,441,292
Total MOT Failures: 8,882,932
Percentage Failure rate: 35.08%
Due To Tyres: 3,187,124
Percentage Of Failure On Tyres: 35.88%

When looking at the above 2007 MOT statistics, it is plain to see that of the 8,882,932 failures, over a third were due to the vehicles tyres.

Many orders are then rushed from customers who have a vehicle that has failed an MOT because of the tyres. Due to the urgency of the purchase, many shoppers do not take the time to properly consider the best tyre for their needs. They buy whatever they can get their hands on, i.e. from any Fast Fit stock – this is not a good idea.

So, it is extremely important to plan ahead when you have a MOT due to take place – ensure that at least once a fortnight tyres are checked for unusual signs of wear, or for any signs that the tread and sidewall have been damaged. If issues are found, replace the tyres sooner rather than later.

When checking the tread depth of a tyre, try using the simple and quick 20p test that the team over at TyreSafe came up with.

The 20p Test

Simply place a 20 pence coin in between the main grooves of your tyre. If the outer (shaded) rim of the coin is covered by the tread, this shows you that there is an adequate amount of tread depth – safe and legal. However, if any of the outer rim is visible then this means that the tread is more than likely worn down to the legal limit and should be checked by a specialist immediately.

Of course this is not a precise test and if you are unsure at all, it is always best to check with a mechanic.


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