UGG Boots - Australian Farmers Favoured Boot?



Released on: October 13, 2010, 4:26 am
Author: Nigel Linton
Industry: Retail

The popularity of the UGG Boot is increasing rapidly across the globe, and more people than ever before are looking to purchase a pair of their very own UGG Boots. The unseen, and somewhat unexpected affect of this, is that the UGG Boots are causing quite a stir for Australian Sheep Farmers as they now need to meet the high demand levels generated by the UGG boot manufacturers.

Sheep skins were once considered to be a useless by-product when creating other wool merchandise, but farmers now have to become accustomed to tackling the heightened level of demands for the skins. The Sheep Farmers can now look to increase their profits further by creating business models which are adaptable to new found levels of demand.

During the recession, sheep skins were available for purchase for as little as $1 with many farms and tanneries reported to be burning excess skins as it was not cost effective to actively promote and distribute them. However, the issues of financial distress are being to dissipate for most consumers meaning that they have more disposable income and with winter fast approaching this extra income seems to be being placed in boots, such as the UGG.

This resurgence in demand for the product has consequently led to a rise in demand for the raw materials required to manufacture them. Australian Sheep Farmers are now looking to find new methods of production which help to produce higher quality sheep skins. The investment to place in these improved production styles should be easy to come by as several reports have now placed the price of Sheepskin closer to $21.

The Australian economy can hope to benefit from even more revenue in the future with several leading companies wishing to use the Australian sheepskins in their products. The most prevalent of these companies is Deckers Outdoor, maker and designer of the original UGG Boot. With increased sales of the original design and a product portfolio which is constantly expanding to include new styles which require sheepskin in production, sheepskins are in high demand from Deckers Outdoor.

Deckers Outdoor isn’t the only footwear producer that uses sheepskin in their produce; Emu Boots, Bear Paw and Aussie Boots also use genuine sheepskin in their products. The combined demand of these companies, will hopefully keep the Sheep Farmers in a state of growth for years to come.

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