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Released on: November 26, 2010, 6:50 am
Author: Helen Young
Industry: Internet & Online

Increasing its network with, and, ASAP continues to grow

26 November 2010 –, and have been bought by the online business incubator ASAP Ventures Ltd. The company has added the sites to the every-increasing network of information and customer advice group of sites.

Looking to enhance the information resources of public transport, ASAP has added to its network. In the UK today, public transport news and information is very important, especially as it suffers due to further government spending cuts.

With road bikes being a more popular way of getting around these days, the new site, acquired by ASAP Ventures Ltd, is a fantastic information source for news, latest biking trends and road biking books. The regularly updated site has experts on hand for advice too.

Helping young hopefuls and armed forces applicants understand the experience of being in the Royal Marines, the new site is a great information and advice resource. When one wants to fight for their country, this new site from ASAP will prepare them for it.

Mr D Paulson from ASAP Ventures comments, “Our new acquisitions will help us enter these markets and with our exceptional information and advice business model, we are confident that our new websites will be successful and helpful to the public. In our company's development, the new acquisitions are playing a key role”.


About ASAP Ventures Ltd, and are all owned and operated by ASAP Ventures and the domains were acquired by the company in November 2010. ASAP Ventures is a specialist in the online arena, with over 10 years’ experience in creating and developing high performing websites in markets ranging from travel and recycling to dating and promotions. The company has expanded significantly over the last five years through a programme of domain name acquisition and development, with the company’s portfolio of websites attracting tens of millions of visitors and creating over US$200 million in sales for their partners.

ASAP Ventures now operates four offices - three in the UK and one in Australia.

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