Get Sexy with The Marlboro Man


Released on: December 27, 2010, 4:22 am
Author: Suellen Fry
Industry: Retail

Meet the “The Marlboro Man ”. Who is this charismatic and sophisticated man? He is the man you pass by on the street that looks like any other sharp dressed man. He is the man with sex appeal and class that can only be earned from a wealth of wisdom and years of knowledge. The only difference is that he won't be sleeping in his own home tonight. But you wouldn't know that by the way he is dressed or the shoes he wears. The only way you know is because you are reading this press release.

What makes the “Marlboro Man” stand out from the rest of his residentially challenged friends is his positive aura that spells 'sex appeal' from the inside out. Thus the name: “Sexiest Homeless Man in San Diego”. This self proclaimed Sexy man gives Homeless a whole new meaning. He chooses not to eat out of garbage cans, sponge off of others, and lives clean and sober. You won't catch the “Marlboro Man” diving into dumpsters, or pan-handling for his next meal.

“I don't want another person to give me anything”, proclaims this San Diego resident. Tired of saying 'thank-you', he decided to start his own business even though he would be what we consider “Homeless -aka Residentially Challenged”.

The Marlboro Man proudly introduces his very own line of T-shirts called “Get Sexy”! His goal is to sell 500 T-shirts as part of his own rescue me plan. You can do your part in helping the Marlboro Man by purchasing one of his T-shirts today! The T-shirt only costs 16.95 and you can pay directly through Pay Pal.

What is more sexy than a homeless man setting up his own business? Nothing in my opinion! Many people in this lifetime won't have half the courage it takes to try and even think outside the box, let alone try and start their own business. Here is one man with the courage of ten and an attitude to match. Residentially challenged? According to the Marlboro Man he is one step away from meeting Oprah Winfrey. After a ten minute conversation with this debonair gentleman, you know that he is no ordinary man. He dares to dream and has a vision to share.

Make my friends dream become a reality. Order your T-shirt today and Get Sexy Off The Streets!

Just visit: to get your T-shirt today!

Contact Details: P Simpson



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