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Released on: December 16, 2010, 3:11 pm
Author: Safetyshop
Industry: Industrial

Online retailer of essential safety products, personal protective equipment and workwear,, is offering businesses advice on how to comply with industry standards and regulations.

As one of the largest retailers of its kind, Safetyshop understands that it has a duty to its customers to provide information on what PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is necessary for businesses to have in order to meet UK and European health and safety laws.

Safetyshop explains that all employers have to meet basic rules regarding the provision and use of PPE at work and emphasises that many working environments must comply with Regulation 4 of the PPE at Work Regulation 1992, which outlines the mandatory use of protection for the face and eyes when at risk in a hazardous area.

Eye injuries can occur as a result of flying debris, dust and hazardous chemicals and in turn these can not only cause pain but also loss of earnings, loss of time and even loss of eyesight. Safetyshop offers an extensive range of face shields, overspecs, safety goggles and eye wash products to help minimise the risk of injury to the face and eyes.

All eye and face protection products available to buy online at comply with The industrial Eye Protection Standard EN166. Safetyshop emphasise that it is important to carefully consider the different hazards in the workplace in order to allow for the correct type of PPE to be chosen. This is true for all types of PPE and workwear.


Editor’s notes

About Safetyshop
Safetyshop became a trading division of Stockport-based Brady Corporation Ltd following an acquisition in 2005. The company was established in 1970 and through various acquisitions of its own, has gone on to become the leading safety products manufacturer in the UK, producing a range of 18,000 products from safety signs to grit bins and first aid kits at its 34,000 square foot UK facility in Cheshire.

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