Inaugural Survey of Photo Buying Professionals Is Now Underway



Released on: January 26, 2011, 5:14 am
Author: Matt Brading
Industry: Media

The 2011 Photo Buyer's Survey has been launched by, to facilitate open dialogue between buyers and photographers.

YORKEYS KNOB, January 26, 2011 — ( – has launched it's first survey for the year, asking photo buyers from all sectors of the stock photography industry, to share their thoughts, feedback and expectations. Organisers are expecting strong participation based on trends in this troubles & rapidly changing industry. Over 100 commercial photo buyers registered for the survey in the first week, and many more are expected to take part in the next few weeks.

This 2011 survey promises to provide the data needed for both independent photographers and stock photo libraries to understand changing expectations and desires of photo buyers, identify emerging trends and help them anticipate and adapt.

“The Stock Photography industry has been in a state of flux for many years now, and just when we thought it was settling down, it appears we might be headed in a full circle,” explained Brad Stephens, PRI director. “Over the last 12 months we've seen a lot of trends with pricing and licensing and that just don't fit the pattern of previous years, and some are more like what we'd have expected 10 years ago. Of course in other areas, the industry is breaking new ground every month, so it's an exciting time to be on the cutting edge as it were.”

Matt Brading, founder of OzImages International, reflected, “This sort of survey really helps all industry participants. It's the kind of information that photographers can use improve many aspects of their businesses, from the subjects they shoot, the way they photograph them, right through to the marketing methods they use to get those images noticed. And when the photographers are doing a better job of it, it makes the Photo Buyer's job significantly easier as well!”

It only takes a few minutes to take part in the survey. Photo buyers can login at and select the 2011 Photo Buyers Survey.

The Photo Buyer survey is available until 31st January 2011 so if you're a photo-buying professional, don't miss your chance to be heard. It is totally anonymous and all questions are optional.

2.Click the View Current Surveys link
3.Select the 2011 Photo Buyers Survey

Results will be available on the same location mid February. Participants can register on site to be notified.

About Photo Research Info
Photo Research Info is an initiative of OzImages International Pty Ltd, designed to help independent stock photographers identify and anticipate industry trends so they can compete against the multinational stock houses that currently dominate the industry.

OzImages was established by Matt Brading in 1998 and was one of the first online photo libraries. It was the first to take a co-operative approach to selling stock photography and is still one of very few stock libraries to allow any sort of direct photographer-photo buyer contact. Brading believes this direct access is essential if photographers are to build viable and sustainable businesses in this highly competitive industry.

Contact Details: Global Eye Images
Yorkeys Knob, Qld 4878
61 + (0) 740557669



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