Uggs As Popular As Ever In Post-Christmas Sales



Released on: January 11, 2011, 5:59 am
Industry: Retail, Apparel & Fashion

Its been a busy few months for Decker’s Outdoor, owners of the hugely popular Ugg Australia brand as the top selling footwear company catches it breath after some of the busiest months in their history. Uggs are always in demand in the run up to Christmas, they make great gifts and they have long been at the top of the footwear ladder for their designer appeal and comfort factors that other boots just can’t match. But it has also been the result of all the bad snow and freezing temperatures that we experienced during the month of December that boosted sales past the expected peaks for the year on top of Christmas sales on-line as well as from various authorised retail outlets.

Though at times the shops were deserted in the weeks running up to Christmas, particularly when shoppers were expected to be out in force doing their Christmas buying, some retailers predicted all time low sales compared to the same weeks last year and in previous years but sales of Ugg boots were more in demand than ever due to people wanting to get hold of some decent warm boots that would allow them to get out in the snow and not freeze in the sub zero temperatures.

Uggs have the advantage of being popular gifts at Christmas as well as the best thing to wear when it snows or when it’s cold so they were always going to be a winner when the terrible weather descended though none could predict the scale of the demand for Uggs and other popular boots such as Hunter wellies and FitFlops too. Many retailers saw their shelves stripped bare as demand reached epic proportions during the worst of the cold snap and the fact that Uggs are easily obtained on-line from many independent retailers meant that this avenue also saw higher than expected sales. All good stuff in terms of business, especially in these tough economic times.

The bad weather before Christmas may also have been a major factor in the busy post Christmas sales as shoppers in their droves were out from Boxing Day onwards to spend their Christmas money and bag themselves a great bargain. Many people who had not been able to get to the shops resorted to buying gift vouchers on-line for friends and family as this was one of the few options available to them which didn’t involve trying to get to the shops in the treacherous conditions hence the happy shoppers after Christmas in the sales as the snow had cleared and people were free to get out and about once more.

On-line shopping is something which has been rising in the past few years as more and more retailers are providing a fast and efficient service selling all their goods to customers who want to browse and buy at their leisure in the comfort of their own homes and at a time that suits them. On-line stores like who specialise in designer footwear including Uggs, Timberland and Hunter wellies as well as Converse and Dr Martens have been extremely busy over the past couple of years as sales have increased and not just at peak periods like Christmas time, the company also has a flagship store in the Bullring Shopping centre but the majority of sales come from their internet site. One spokesperson commented ‘People seem to be a lot more comfortable these days with shopping for shoes on-line, and that’s not just young people, it includes every generation. It’s definitely the future of easy shopping’. With free as well as fast delivery also becoming a standard factor in the whole on-line experience it looks like we’ll be saving ourselves time and money in some cases and that can’t be bad for not even having to leave your favourite armchair!

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