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Released on: March 3, 2011, 07:40 am
Author: Extreme Element
Industry: Sports

Brighton, March 2011: Towards the end of last year, Extreme Element decided to help out those looking to buy extreme experiences as Christmas presents by publishing a list of the experiences that had been top-rated by their customers. While Christmas is now a distant memory, the experiences on that list are still just as relevant and exciting, and Extreme Element continues to offer them into 2011. Among the experiences listed are several with special offers attached. Some of the best are:

-Bungee jumping. Bungee jumping is an ever-popular extreme sport that is hard to beat for sheer adrenaline charged excitement. Extreme Element offer both tandem and solo bungee jumping, at a number of fantastic locations including next to Tower Bridge in London and the highest bungee jumps in Britain at Salford and Maidenhead.

-Indoor skydiving. Indoor skydiving uses a powerful air tunnel to simulate the conditions of a traditional outdoor skydive. Participants get a realistic experience during which they'll 'fall' two miles, using technology designed to test formula 1 cars.

-Quad biking. Quad biking is a fun, accessible way to get into off-roading. Quad bikes can tackle nearly any type of terrain, so you can expect to travel through streams, up hills and across woodland.

-Zapcat rides. Zapcats are high powered speedboats which offer a fun and exciting extreme sports experience. Zapcats' twin hulled construction and large outboard motor mean they're capable of high speeds and tight turns that produce plenty of G force.

-Stock car championship racing day. This driving experience is one of the most popular of the many driving experiences that Extreme Element offer. The experience lasts a whole day and takes in several different challenges in different types of car.

About Extreme Element: Extreme Element are a popular, market-leading gift voucher agency. They are unique for their focus on extreme sports, and are experts in their field and all extreme sports fans themselves. Among the options on offer are skydiving, circuit driving, kayaking, and many more hand-picked extreme sports.

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