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Released on: April 21, 2011, 7:17 pm
Author: Extreme Innovations Ltd
Industry: Retail, Apparel & Fashion

The original skate shoes manufacturer proves to be a big hit with the youth market at; however the highly functional and stylish skate have much broader appeal.

Vans shoes first came to the market in 1966, catering to the growing popularity of skateboarding and rapidly became one of the best loved street brands, producing a wide range of shoes and apparel specifically targeting the highly popular sport. With such a long pedigree in the industry, it is no surprise that they are one of the leading brands for skaters, and with top names endorsing the brand including some of the world’s leading skateboarders, and sponsorship of some of the major skating and x-games events, they remain at the forefront of the sport.

“Vans are one of the most easily recognisable skate brands, having provided the footwear for generations of skaters since the birth of the sport in the 1960’s and are just as popular today as when the skating craze first started” says MD Richard Gundle. The shoes are a popular choice at the online skating and extreme sports apparel store, with the brand no longer restricted to skaters, with it now catering to the full range of street sports.

Whilst the brand has diversified from skater apparel and footwear into all extreme street sports, Vans shoes are still primarily constructed for skateboarders, providing a high quality construction, double and triple stitched panels for extra protection from grip tape, and use leather and mesh for comfort and breathability, in addition to traditional suede to give greater durability to deal with a highly abrasive environment.

Vans shoes are the product of years of research and testing, and feature the waffle grip sole unit which is still widely regarded as the best sole design for skate shoes in the industry, providing unbeatable grip and great board feel. Vans shoes use vulcanized sticky rubber for the soles, with a waffle iron pattern to maximise surface area for expert traction, whilst each section acting as a sucker to keep the feet firmly on the board. Skate shoes are known to have to deal with brutal treatment, with Vans shoes designed to cope with the abuse from grip tape and concrete, with high wear areas reinforced to improve the lifespan. Vans have incorporated their Duracap system into the shoes, so that they remain functional when the uppers wear through, thanks to a thin rubber underlay which prolongs the lifespan considerably.

There is a trade off between feel and robustness in skate shoes; however Vans shoes achieve a good balance, being some of the most lightweight skate shoes on the market which has helped to build their appeal. An Extralite construction keeps the weight down to the bare minimum, whilst offering high impact shock protection to cope with drop ins and heavy landings, with a TPU heel cap to provide extra rigidity and stability to prevent ankle roll on sketchy landings, whilst not adding much to the weight.

The brand is a firm favourite with skaters and BMXers for the technical performance; however the brand is being increasingly chosen for its highly fashionable street styling, which appeals not just to the youth market but for anyone who grew up in the glory days of skateboarding. “The latest Vans shoes styles have been a bit hit at since their introduction, and with such a wide range of colourful and fashionable styles they are a popular choice not just with skaters, but in the mainstream fashion market too” says Richard, with the claims backed up by strong first quarter sales at the online store.

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