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Released on: April 05, 2011, 11:27 am
Author: Werner Jakob Weiher
Industry: Internet & Online

There is, on the whole, World Wide Web nearly 200 million websites. An almost unclear offer of data, information and communication possibilities.

According to estimates the daily transferred and publicly data amount amounts in 2011 to about 500 Petabyte (1 PB = 1 million GB). To be able to fancy itself this unbelievable flood in bits and bytes better: 500 Petabyte correspond to the 2,000-fold data amount of all books which have been written in the whole world – into all languages.

If the question positions itself: who should read all that? Now a new web page which is pursued by the publishing company Jakob's way live into German and English language makes a good beginning friendly to user. The Secret meditation is a new meditation kind which belongs to the active meditations which, according to the publisher, „for the small energy hunger occasionally“ should be suitable.

Special is in this web offer that the whole contents register the user in writing and are read out at the same time. Besides, it is possible to choose between female and male voice and to switch off background music in or. Thus one is greeted on the homepage by a winking angelic face: „I would like to congratulate you that you have found here. Whether you believe in chances, or is followed your intuition, whatever has brought you here – you have steered this consciously or unconsciously. And thus this side will help you on your way – so or so.“

Finally, about the undersides philosophy and the Visionboard - Craftcorner the user finds to the Meditations - designer in whom he to themselves put together his individual meditation and downloaden is able. However, a small drop of bitterness remains which is to be owed to the enormously high data amounts of the web page: the loading times of the single sides are a little longer than one is used in the age of the Internet. However, who would like to allow himself in the hectic Cyberspace a few minutes of relaxation, this time will raise with pleasure and - one agrees so nicely read out.

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