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Released on: May 26, 2011, 5:59 am
Author: Extreme Element
Industry: Sports

When it comes to choosing a Father's Day gift, many find themselves heading to the nearest supermarket for a last-minute card, or perhaps a bottle of their Dad's favourite drink. It can't be that exciting opening the same pack of chamois leathers each year, and many dads across the country have enough pairs of slippers to wear a different pair each day of the week.

Break from the ordinary! When it comes to gifts, experiences can very often exceed material offerings and that’s why 2011 could be a good time for sons and daughters to share some unforgettable moments with their fathers. Extreme sports provider Extreme Element has a range of experiences ideally focused for this year’s Father’s Day. Climbing the scale from the mildest of leisure activities, through to hair-raising deeds, Extreme Element’s ideas for Father’s Day include:

Chilled Out: Some dads have a slightly sensitive disposition so that's why Extreme offer a range of tamer experiences which include falconry, yachting and balloon flights available in ten UK locations.

Comfort Zone: Activities including an introduction to wakeboarding or a surfing and yoga course take things up a peg or two whilst keeping a relaxed vibe.

Heart Racing: For slightly bigger thrill-seekers, Extreme also offers courses such as zorbing, car racing and tank driving.

Adrenaline pumping: Getting the adrenaline pumping through the veins is idea when going bungee jumping, shark diving or a taking part in a Ferrari challenge. Strictly for offspring who feel taking on a ‘fight or flight’ situation this Father's Day.

Most extreme: Challenge those dads with the strongest disposition; those signing up for a tandem skydive, day of Monster Car Crush or an aerobatic flight will need a strong drink immediately after!

Those taking the chance to do something different this year will have some great memories...photographs, on the other hand, might be tougher to arrange. Maybe mums can take them from the side!

About Extreme Element
From traditional extreme sports through to the most thrilling experiences, Extreme Element has sites in the UK and Spain offering more than 800 Activity Days and Sports Courses. One of the most popular experiences available is sphereing, which can be done in water (aqua sphereing), in the air (air sphereing), or the traditional way down a hill (harness sphereing). For those who prefer a birds eye view of things, a range of helicopter flights are also on offer. These can also include lessons, where participants can have a go at flying themselves! Locations include Portsmouth, Cumbria and London, amongst others.

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