Finding 1 Billion KRW (around 1 Million Dollars) Luck!! Who will be the prize winner of 1 Billion Won miracle. WEmakePRICE



Released on: May 13, 2011, 5:29 pm
Author: Wemakeprice
Industry: Internet & Online

WEmakePRICE kicks off its special promotion, “Finding the Miracle of 1 Billion Won”, granting up to 1 billion won to a final prize winner

- WEmakePRICE is calling a nation-wide promotion, [Miracle of 1 Billion Won], granting a total prize amount that can be determined by the proportion of incremental numbers of participants.

- Whoever signs up in the company website, and apply for this promotion can be eligible to be the winner of prize up to 1 billion KRW. The promotion will be held through May 31st.

- The company executes an unconventional marketing campaign such as “1 Billion Won Worth Men and Women” guerilla communications or unique ad campaign that is appeared one of the hottest girls group members, Koo Ha Ra.

May 12, 20011, Seoul – (, President: Lee Jong Han), said it has started an unprecedented promotion [Miracle of 1 Billion] that will deliver 1 billion in cash to a finalist from May 2 till the end of May. The company presents the motto of ‘We Make Price’ in the emerging social commerce market as a dark horse in IT industry.

[Miracle of 1 Billion] is granting 1 billion in cash to a finalist who will be drawn randomly from the participants registered online and offline during May. The principle of the promotion is similar to ‘social commerce’: the value of prize is calculated in proportion to the number of new members. It is started from 10 million and increased by 10 million per a hundred thousand of new members. Thus, if more than 1 million members are participated, the maximum value of prize 10 billion will be delivering to a finalist.

[Miracle of 1 Billion] is the largest promotion among the ‘public sweepstake’ which has no limitation to the value of giveaways. Anyone is eligible to participate in the promotion once by registering as a new member without hassle to purchase any coupons or products. If already a member of WEmakePRICE, you are qualified from participating once in the promotion automatically. In addition, the more you recommend this promotion to new members, the higher you have the possibility of winning the promotion by earning more qualifications of participation in proportion to the number of new members you recommended. In order to win the promotion, it is necessary to recommend to your friends, and make them register as a new member. If willing to register offline, you can visit WEmakePRICE building at Sam Sung Dong, Seoul, from the 2nd of May.

If a new member of your recommendation purchases a product at the company in 72 hours of registration, you will receive 2,000 points which are available at the site as cash. The company is delivering various benefits to its members.

“This promotion is to introduce the excellence of WEmakePRICE’s unique social shopping. There have been many similar large discount promotions. But we have taken it to the next level and present an unprecedented promotion,” said Cho Maeng Sup, WEmakePRICE marketing team director. He added, “it is a totally different from any other sweepstakes; there is no need for participant to pay for any costs, but the company completely covers all. So the winner can receive the unexpected luck from us.”

Furthermore, the company conducted a unique marketing program by presenting a guerrilla of ‘1 Billion Men & Women’ across all the places in Seoul ahead of the promotion, and selected a charming star, Koo Ha Ra, as a model of [Miracle of 1 Billion] TVCF to raise the expectation of the promotion with her distinctive expression and brilliance.

The company has taken the lead of the first ‘social donation’ by donating the reserves to Good Neighbors, an international development agency, and opening an environmental concert. Recently, it carried out a ‘Miracle of Dokdo’ promotion of 100 fundraising in order to put a Dokdo-related advertisement in major global newspapers targeting 1 million readers. Likewise, it has taken the initiative in creating ‘social culture’ by conducting social promotion.

The company will run the promotion till the end of May, and draw for and announce the winner on June 7. For more information visit the company’s website at or the customer service center at 1588-4763.

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