Children and Adults Prepare for a Healthy Summer



Released on: June 01, 2011, 5:32 am
Author: Sw Training
Industry: Sports

Summer is almost here and soon children will begin a greatly anticipated break from school. It is pretty hard to find a child who isn’t excited for summer. With the harsh winter we had, even many adults are excited for lots of warm weather, sun, Sundays in the park and holidays by the sea. Summer is a delightful time of year but many parents might be starting to worry about how the lack of structure might affect their children. As wonderful as summer is, it can also be a time when it is really easy to get lazy. Without a healthy programme in place, children can waste hours in front of the television or computer.

Technology that allows us all to be more sedentary isn’t helping the obesity epidemic that exists here in the UK and most of the western world. Today if you don’t want to move your body, you almost don’t have to. It is more important than ever for adults and children to find physical activities we enjoy and learn to incorporate exercise into our lives. Sportwise offers a variety of wonderful holiday camps. They are affordable and enjoyable ways for children to receive quality child care and to ensure that they participate in safe, fun physical activities.

In addition to camps, Sportwise offers excellent programmes throughout the year. If you are considering school breakfast clubs in Birmingham or anywhere in the UK, Sportwise is an excellent choice. They also offer after school programmes, weight management programmes for adults, training for teachers and more.

About Sportwise
At you can see the many programmes Sportwise offers. Their programmes and activities contribute to young students’ physical and mental wellness, develop self esteem and social skills and help them incorporate physical activity into their lives. Sportwise also works with adults and helps them achieve fitness and health goals. They deliver nutritional education to a variety of children and adult programmes and are a partner of choice to NHS Primary Care Trusts for Obesity management programmes. Sportwise also has the expertise to provide teachers and staff with a wide range of qualifications and training.

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