Extensive New Showroom and Huge Fashion Show Party for Emporium


Released on: June 08, 2011, 8:30 am
Author: Emporium
Industry: Apparel & Fashion, Retail

In the long and winding fashion market, the two partners involved in young fashion manufacturer Emporium have respectively been in the business since 1985 and 1999 a wealth of experience and impressive insight that they have channelled into their latest project. This impressively unique fashion company provide made in Italy lines to the customers directly; a fashion wholesale specializing in the service of fast fashion and convenient pre-order selection.

Whom and What For

Furthermore, it is clear that this brand new fashion line is aimed at the young men and women of today those who are interested in remarkable quality clothing whilst retaining the essence of style for this modern age. Emporium aims to spread this message through their production and distribution services that they will be able to offer in the near future, augmented by the opening of the new showroom which will be introduced by a huge after presentation party.

12 th of September 2011 Big Fashion Show in the new showroom located in Bologna Centergross Bloc 22E with Buffet and Presentation of new 2011/2012 Fashion Collection

The company have been seen to be able to adapt quickly and effectively to what can only be described as the mood swings of the European fashion industry, distributing stylistic and astounding pieces of artistic fashion in a positive and progressive manner. This is important in their goal of young fashion wholesale, and an attribute which these two experienced partners have portrayed to be one of their strongest and most appealing points of business.

Brand-new Showroom with Opening Party

Recently, the two partners have come to the decision to introduce a huge, brand new perusing showroom in order to further intensify their progressive aims, taking yet further steps into the world of Italian fashion wholesale productions. The showroom is to denote a fabulously spacious eight hundred square meters of space, in which only the best of the grandeur can be displayed.

However for the introduction of this impressive new feature for Emporium, these experienced pioneers of Italian fashion have organized a large, remarkable fashion show party which will be an event that everyone is sure to remember. Through this ostentatious method of portraying their new showroom, they are sure to create even more interest in their unique fashion collection, made in Italy.

Upon the new opening of the two partners' new showroom space, an extensive range of fashion products will be ranged for wholesale buyers to peruse, with a fantastic assortment of over one thousand exclusive and exceptional styles that will be instantly available for the wholesale buyer; amongst which include amazing, unique styles for both men and women and all from what could be called the fashion capital of the modern world Italy.

Italian quality is somewhat of a fabled and appreciated note that will be added to the collections that Emporium will produce and distribute and one that will be included in the new fashion line aimed at the young and spritely generation of fashion conscious people of Europe. Emporium hopes to create an entirely new look with their extensive range of styles and quality in this soon-to-be-shown collection of 2011 a new step and pioneering move in the production and distribution of young fashion styles that are made in Italy and adhere to the impressive quality standards that this country reigns over Europe with. The opening of the new, huge showroom with a spectacular party to match could be the start of an illustrious new line that will enter the world soon enough and with a loud and striking entrance.

Further Contact Information

For more information on the Emporium line as a company, visit www.emporium-moda.com.

For further information regarding the founders and the company itself, the following methods of contact may be utilized:

Contact name: Gianna Casal
Telephone: : +393423734502

E-mail: info@emporium-moda.com



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