Create Your Own Professional Business Cards In Minutes

Released on = January 11, 2005, 9:08 am

Press Release Author = Morgan Cloward / Office Zone

Industry = Real Estate

Press Release Summary = Business cards play an important role in daily commerce. Ordering more cards can often be very expensive and time consuming. Some business people and sales representatives choose to go without. What would you think if there was an easier way to get business cards?

Press Release Body = Kaysville, Utah, January 11, 2005 – Business cards are designed to not only look good, but be easily accessible and fit perfectly in your wallet or purse. Keeping your name in your customer’s mind is critical to landing sales and
generating revenue. With all the stresses of the sales environment, business cards should be the least of your worries. With sales representatives continuously meeting new clients and customers, the need to get our name out is ongoing.

If you hand out hundreds of business cards on a weekly basis, and need to produce additional business cards on the fly, a business card maker may be what you need. Business card makers produce hundreds of business cards in very little time. The concept is simple. Create a design of your choice on your own computer, print the cards out on a card stock of your preference and run them through the business card cutter.

Two passes is all that’s needed to create business cards. An 8 ½-inch by 11-inch sheet of paper is run through and cut into strips. Those strips are then run through the machine again, where they are cut into perfectly sized business cards. An example of what a business card cutter looks like can be seen by visiting this page:

Manual business card cutters cut through one sheet of paper at a time ( You can see a demonstration of this by going here: Electric business card cutters can handle a stack of up to 50 sheets of paper ( A video demo can be viewed for the electric business card cutters by going here:

If you are cutting through heavy card stock or glossy paper, you may need to use a guillotine cutter. Guillotine cutters can slice through hundreds of sheets of paper at once ( You can see a guillotine cutter in action by going here:

Once the business cards are cut, many people like to round the corners with a corner rounder ( The cards can also be displayed in a business card rack (

If you have any questions, please call toll-free (+1-800-543-5454) Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. MST. A knowledgeable customer service representative can then assists with answering questions and finding you a high-quality business card cutter. Orders may be placed securely by phone or through our secure online shopping cart.

For further information, please contact Morgan Cloward, Marketing Director of, +1-800-543-5454.


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