Elvis Presley's Amazing Comeback on BBC1 Television January 2005.

Released on = January 23, 2005, 1:42 am

Press Release Author = ElvisArt

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Elvis Presley tops British music charts on BBC Television.

Press Release Body = By releasing Elvis Presley's 1959 classic song "One Night" January 2005 Sony/BMG helped to secure the historic 1,000th Number One on the official British music chart for the world's most loved singer, Elvis Presley.
It was broadcast on the chart show BBC1 radio, Sunday 16th January. On hearing the news, Elvis fans were jubilant.

We eagerly looked forward to the BBC's Top of the Pops television programme which would copper fasten the amazing result by featuring Elvis's great recording. Friday night 21st January 2005 the British Broadcasting Company with appalling insensitivity used an Elvis Impersonator to sing the song! Millions witnessed this insult to Elvis fans world-wide. A case of total misrepresentation. Akin to a pub pianist being used as a stand in for the great Russian Concert Pianist, Sviatoslav Richter.
Inadvertently the BBC has provided the late Elvis Presley with priceless publicity. Elvis was number 1 AND number 10 on their music chart! The already booming sales of his wonderful CDs are now sure to take a quantum leap.

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