- A New Website Designed To Bring Troubled Minds Together

Released on = January 23, 2005, 11:58 am

Press Release Author = Richard Brooks

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = was launched back in August 2004, to help people discuss personal problems ranging from health and financial issues to relationship problems.

Press Release Body = is a website dedicated to bringing people with problems together. The site has been up and running since August 2004, but so far, little exposure has been achieved!

The website was founded by Richard Brooks of Manchester, United Kingdom. Although Richard has a full time career, he created the website in his spare time, once he had got to grips with the basics of creating a dynamic website using a number of
programming languages.

The principle concept of the website, is to provide a valuable internet resource which people can access to research problems, or to share problems with others. The site features a number of interactive features, such as a discussion forum, poll
questions, chat room and searchable resource links database.

With this information hub now available through the internet, it is hoped that users will interact more effectively and that this will lead to improvements in quality of life for many people.

Web Site =

Contact Details =



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