Pittsburg Author's 2nd Book Accepted For Publication

Released on = January 3, 2005, 2:29 am

Press Release Author = Timothy N. Stelly, Sr./PublishAmerica

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Stelly pens gritty, urban thriller with "Malice"

Press Release Body = Pittsburg, CA---Publish America will publish the second novel from rising star, Timothy Stelly, with the autumn release of, "The Malice of cain." Stelly is the author of the
highly-acclaimed "Tempest In The Stone."

"Malice" centers on twins Deidra and Tyra Evans, who Beside their uncommon beauty have one other thing in common: An intense sibling rivalry that leaves them wanting the other dead.

While Deidra is the classic overachiever, Tyra is a struggling law clerk who lives with her abusive boyfriend, a merciless thug named Stone. Her real love is her kindhearted co-worker, Theo. But Stone's tempre and dangerous reputation keeps them from getting together.

However, with careful planning she and Theo steal away from work for an afternoon tryst. When word gets back to Stone, he and a loyal henchman kidnap Theo. They agree to spare his life and that of a beloved niece, but under one condition: That he kill Tyra. Stone lays out the plan and a fearful Theo agrees to it.

Realizing how much he loves Tyra, Theo has a change of heart and tells her of Stone's plot. Tyra shocks him moreso when she suggests the two of them lure Deidra to town, kill her and pass the body off as Tyra's.

Subsequently the fear of begtrayal infects bot their thoughts and unbeknownst to Theo, Tyra pulls Stone back into the picture. Strange alliances are formed and the result is a series of murders based on greed, anvy and egotism.

In "Malice" Stelly again reveals that he is a compelling storyteller. Dialogue is clearly his forte; his has a real and seductive urban flavor. The story is fast-paced with several plot twists. It paints a portrait of several uniquely twisted characters along the lines of an Elmore Leonard, or Quentin Tarantino.

Excerpts and a synopsis can be found at the Stellbread Productions website (http:www.freewebs.com/stellbread). The site also contains passages from his third novel, currently under review: "The Degradation of Annabelle."

"Degradation" is a merging of hip-hop and social satire; a blend of Stelly's unique sense of comedy and tragedy. The book is a tale of innocence shattered. It is a biting indictment of the adult film world and laments the media's objectifying young girls who are trapped in bodies that belie their age.

Web Site = http://www.freewebs.com/stellbread

Contact Details = Timothy N. Stelly, Sr.
P.O. Box 1264
Pittsburg, CA 94565-0126
(925) 473-0741


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