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Released on: October 03, 2011, 3:45 pm
Author: UIC London
Industry: Education

There’s constantly a large demand for the learning of another language, with plenty of people requiring it for work, travel, relationship and other reasons. There’s always one major stumbling block though, it’s rather difficult and takes a long time.

For those looking to learn a second language there are many different options available such as buying a CD or downloading a podcast, investing in a course book or using the internet. But by far the most successful method is to actual learn in a classroom with a trained teacher and a group of like-minded individuals.

There are many schools across the UK and London that you can study at and UIC is one which suit’s the needs of many individuals perfectly. Because the majority of classes are held in the evening, students can still hold down a busy social, work and family life yet cram in plenty of practise and learning every week. The programmes generally last for 10 weeks and take place once a week for two hours.

UIC is a great place to attend if you are looking to improve on or begin your journey with any of the following: French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian and Japanese. Whether you plan on going travelling, fancy a change in career, or you just want to pick up a new hobby, UIC can help your progress.

At UIC there are also special courses which are for companies who wish to teach a whole workforce or key individuals a new language. Perhaps you require someone with Japanese to clinch the next big business deal, you’ve expanded to parts of Europe and need French and Spanish phone operators or maybe a trip further a field is on the cards? UIC will design a course suited to you and it can take place in your residence or at the UIC Centre.

About UIC
If you’re looking to learn English in London look no further than UIC. If you want to pick up some French, improve your Spanish or learn Portuguese London and UIC in particular is a great place to do this with plenty of options and a great central location.

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