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Released on: November 02, 2011, 3:05 am
Author: The Bristol Language Centre
Industry: Education

In a time when businesses are struggling and many industries are having to make cut backs and sacrifices, one sector which continues to progress is English language tuition. To meet this demand, Bristol Language Centre has recently expanded.

Renamed BLC, to coincide with the re-launch, the school has adapted and grown to become innovative and modern in its look and facilities. Each classroom now has an interactive whiteboard so students can learn the language with the most advanced facilities. The school has two multimedia centres with computers for out of hours learning. There is also a new canteen and reception area on site. The building is decorated in a modern style, to fit in with Bristol’s urban art scene.

250 students can now learn English at the school, an increase from 140. This boost will give the local community extra income through students using the local cafes, shops and bars. It will also generate extra work as the school will require around 40 teachers in the busy peak seasons and extra host families will be needed. The English language sector can prove to be vital to the economy and BLC look to assist this.

Since 2004, BLC has grown rapidly and teaches students from all over the world year upon year. As you would expect from a modern language school, courses are taught at varying levels, different timescales and intensities. The Bristol Language Centre offers students the chance to learn beginner to advanced English, prepare for exams and more.

For native-speakers, there is also the Teacher Knowledge Test (TKT). This programmes takes four weeks and develops teaching methodologies and practices. If you are interested in teacher training UK schools, like BLC, hold a very high standard - perfect for people looking for a career change or for those coming out of university.

About Bristol Language Centre
The Bristol Language Centre provides quality English language courses for business, university preparation, teachers of English, as well as English for work and leisure. BLC offer both daytime and evening courses and accommodation.

Contact Details: 1st Floor, 3 Portwall Lane Redcliffe,
United Kingdom
te:+44(0)117 929 2233



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