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Released on: November 11, 2011, 6:31 pm
Author: Scenic Tours
Industry: Travel

‘Bush Tucker Trial’ now on the menu for Scenic Tours’ guests on Grand Australia Tour

An expedition into the depths of an Australian rainforest never fails to work up a healthy appetite, and intrepid guests of Scenic Tours can now look forward to the mouth-watering prospect of crumbed native giant cockroach, followed by a soupcon of battered stick insect, which invigorates the palette in readiness for the delicate taste of pan fried long horn beetle larvae – how exquisite.

In the spirit of the television series ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here’, which is soon to return to British screens, guests on Scenic Tours’ Grand Australia tours can now experience their very own bush tucker trial, although there is no need for concern, as the trial is optional, and receiving an evening meal will not depend on completing the trial!

This new and tasteful experience is presented to Scenic Tours guests during their stay at the fantastic Thala Beach Eco-Lodge, which is set in a tropical rainforest in North Queensland, near to where ’I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here’ is filmed.

And nor will Scenic Tours expect its guests to sleep on camp beds with just the rainforest canopy as a roof, as accommodation will be provided by the luxury bungalows at Thala Beach, which are set within the rain forest, yet offer panoramic views over the beach and Pacific Ocean.

The bush tucker trial acts as a prelude to the special ‘Australiana’ dinner, which has been conceived exclusively for guests of Scenic Tours. The ‘Australiana’ menu remains true to the indigenous wildlife, while featuring dishes that should be altogether more palatable to Western visitors. A starter of Carpaccio of green ant gravlax with Hass avocado and Mareeba tomato salsa, followed by Bush spiced kangaroo loin on chickpea mash with sticky onion jus gives bush tucker a sophisticated, gourmet transformation.

The Bush Tucker trial is an illustration of how Scenic Tours continually adds exciting and memorable activities to its guided tours, and how Scenic Tours guests do not just see destinations from their seat on a coach, but that every opportunity is presented to guests to submerge themselves in local culture and customs as much as they wish.

The Grand Australia Tour
Grand Australia is the ultimate tour of this great and varied land. Scenic Tours guests experience the iconic attractions of Australia tours packages 2012 at their most dramatic and most colourful. Sweep over the Sydney Opera House in a seaplane, and experience the Great Barrier Reef from the warm water, or from a gull’s eye view from a helicopter, and gaze upon the stars above Ayers Rock while enjoying a gourmet dinner. With all accommodation, cuisine and travel organised to the most impeccable standard, this tour is the Grand Australia in every way.

Scenic Tours’ 2012/13 NEW Australia & New Zealand brochure will be released on November 14. More new enhancements include a journey to the world-renowned vineyards of Margaret River, and Alice Springs features for the first time.

Prices start from: £5,495 per person
Departure dates: Oct 2012 – April 2013 (limited spaces still available for March 2012)

Scenic Tours
Scenic Tours is the UK’s leading operator of luxury, escorted tours to Australia and New Zealand. The company offers more inclusive holidays that any other operator, and includes exceptional activities to guests, such as soaring over Sydney Harbour in a seaplane, charging through the Outback on a Harley Davidson, or sailing upon an America’s Cup yacht in Auckland.

With such broad range of activities comes flexibility, so guests can tailor holidays to fit personal preferences. Guests can select their preferred airline when travelling to New Zealand and they can choose from a range of stopover destinations, activities and excursions – all at no extra cost.

For more information, contact Scenic Tours at:
Tel: 0800 690 6987
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