Excess Baggage Company Unveils New Pop-Up Retail Units



Released on: November 07, 2011, 3:16 pm
Author: Excess Baggage
Industry: Travel

One of the UK's leading luggage shipping companies Excess Baggage has announced the launch of its latest innovation – pop-up luggage and travel accessory stores.

As Europe's largest independent baggage shipping company, Excess Baggage offers a wide variety of services at some of the UK's busiest airports and railway stations including baggage storage, bag wrap services, retail sales and luggage shipping services such as shipping to Australia, USA and other worldwide destinations. The company has now developed a new offer designed to provide travellers with convenient access to the services they require and allow venue owners to make the most out of any free space they have available on their concourses.

Excess Baggage's new pop-up luggage and travel accessories stores are able to offer consumers access to a wide range of travel products from suitcases to padlocks, along with bag storage and bag wrapping services. The stores have been designed with total convenience in mind, meaning they can be easily erected and dismantled in a matter of hours. The retail units, which are constructed from fire-rated glass reinforced plastic, are compliant with all relevant fire and safety standards and regulations.

David Elliott, chairman of Excess Baggage, said: "After working closely with airport and railway station operators over a number of years it became clear there was a demand for this type of retail offer. Redevelopment projects, seasonal demand and closures of fixed retail units are all reasons why space might become available in airports, stations and other venues. With our pop-up retail units, this space can be utilised with the minimum amount of fuss.

"The range of services available from Excess Baggage means our pop-up shops can offer travellers exactly what they need from luggage storage to travel products. And the speed with which the units can be assembled, dismantled and stored make them an ideal short or medium-term solution for venue operators."

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For further information please contact David Elliott:
Tel: 020 3286 5100
Email: sales@excess-baggage.com
Website: http://www.excess-baggage.com/



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