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Released on: November 02, 2011, 4:33 am
Author: UIC London
Industry: Education

Last month, UIC London launched a new service: UIC Languages. The service brings something different to the table for UIC: a professional language training operation aimed at helping businesses and those who want to learn a language to progress their career. All the most important world business languages are covered: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic.

Courses offered by UIC Languages are highly flexible. They can be taught in UIC's own premises, or the premises or home of the students. Both one-to-one and group options are offered. The minimum course length is 1.5 hours, up to a maximum of ten hours. Beyond that, they can be booked in straight ten-hour blocks.

Before beginning a course, students need to undergo a skills assessment. They take an online test, and are then interviewed (by video-call or in person). Current knowledge is tested by the online test, while the interview aims to establish learning goals. Both generalised and specialised courses are offered, with UIC able to alter the curriculum to fit different industries.

Booking courses with UIC Languages is easy. There is a booking form on their website, which asks potential clients to input details of their preferred type of course, specialisation, location, and length. UIC's system will provide a quote before booking.

Those who use the UIC Languages service do so because they want a modern, professional language training service which meets their needs. It is a great way for businesses and others who need a bespoke solution to make sure their language course provides exactly what they want it to.

About UIC Languages
UIC Languages is a flexible language training service for both businesses and individuals. Courses can be booked on their website at Courses are available in 23 cities around the UK, so can help those who want to learn Japanese in London, learn Spanish in Leeds, or learn French in Brighton alike.

Contact Details: Language House, 76-78 Mortimer Street
United Kingdom
Tel. +44 (0) 020 7079 3333



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