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Released on: November 04, 2011, 6:32 pm
Author: St Georges
Industry: Education

Online learning is fast becoming the definitive way to learn. Virtual classrooms and online chats can be used as a way for students to communicate with each other outside of the real classroom and polish up their skills. Whether you love writing your own blog or reading others, blogging is a fun and informative way to continue learning after lessons are done. After all, what better way to pick up a language than through an interactive blog packed full of helpful tips and exercises?

Language schools, such as London based school St George International, use blogs to supplement their lessons and give students and prospective learners a daily dose of extra-curricular knowledge. St George has just revamped its hugely successful blog to help students out with their classes online.

Short daily articles are published on the school’s blog that cover up to the minute topics about London and current affairs. Through the articles students are encouraged to practice their English skills with free practice exercises, a focus on grammar or vocabulary in every post and a multimedia platform that includes video and podcasts. Using different media is a good way to improve listening skills as well as reading. There is also a focus on speaking with certain tasks requiring students to talk aloud in response to questions.

Using a blog for social interaction is another benefit of an online school community. Both students and teachers can leave comments in the forum to share views and information about what they are learning. Keeping informed about the school’s busy social calendar is also possible through posts made on the Student Life in London section of the blog.

The IELTS score is important to most students learning English and practicing your classroom skills online is bound to help. The St George blog is actually one of the best-known resources for information about how to improve your score. A series of posts from both teachers and other students about how to get better results in the IELTS speaking test has sparked off a vibrant dialogue. Indeed, since the discussion on IELTS began on the school’s blog there have been over 8,000 hits a month to the site.

St George International is a small language school based in the Central London district of Marylebone. It has been open since 1962 and offers a diverse range of English language and Foreign Languages courses. The school also offers residential courses on which students get the chance to stay in the small historic city of Winchester.

With the help of the St George online blog you can now learn faster. Taking an English course in London, the UK capital, is always a popular choice but for an Intensive French course London or Paris are great options. And if you want to take German lessons London is home to plenty of German speakers with whom to practise.

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