Top-Ranked Humor Kindle Ebook to Help Improve Sanitation Issues Worldwide

Proceeds of the sales and all future editions will go to the World Toilet Organization


Released on: November 19, 2011, 5:32 am
Author: Heidi R. Willis
Industry: Media

Washington , D.C. In honor of World Toilet Day on November 19, the humor essay ebook ranked #32 on Kindle, Flush This Book: True Tales of Bodily Malfunctions, is now available for 99 cents to benefit the World Toilet Organization (WTO) and help improve sanitation issues around the world. Authors of the ebook have pledged to give the nonprofit a portion of the proceeds from the current ebook sales and all future editions.

We are thrilled that we were able to release Flush This Book in time to celebrate World Toilet Day and support a nonprofit working to provide basic sanitation to millions of people around the globe, said Heidi R. Willis, co-author of the ebook. By making the price of the ebook less than a dollar, we are giving people a chance to have a good laugh while supporting a good cause.

The WTO is an international nonprofit organization committed to improving sanitation conditions for people through powerful advocacy, inventive technology, education and building marketplace opportunities locally. World Toilet Day aims to generate awareness about poor sanitation and bring attention to the nearly two-million children under the age of five who will die from diseases contracted from inadequate sanitation.

Flush This Book is just one of many ebooks we plan to release to support important causes, adds Willis. We are working on additional humor pieces and our next project, I Am Woman, Hear Me Fart: Stories Only Best Girlfriends Know, will benefit groups supporting women's issues.

To purchase Flush This Book and support the WTO, go to:




Flush This Book: True Tales of Bodily Malfunctions by S. Jane Gari and Heidi R. Willis is a collection of funny, gross and totally true stories about poop mishaps and messes. Find out more on their website at:


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