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Released on: December 08, 2011, 6:42 am
Author: Claire Ko
Industry: Internet & Online introduced top picks for more than 120 bargain categories.

Hayward, CA (December 8, 2011) -- launched a feature emphasizing top picks of discount shopping and online coupons of over one hundred and twenty categories. Deals from over thirty web sources are aggregated by The top deals are then picked and ordered by potential popularity. There’s no better time than now, the 2011 Christmas shopping season, for this feature to make its debut.

“Shoppers are eager to see the best deal during these heavy shopping seasons,” says Hsufeng Ko, founder of “That’s why we’re passionate about presenting a combined view of top deals from multiple discount shopping sources.”

While other sites simply put hot deals out there, I Need A Bargain also cites the fact that multiple websites recommend a certain deal. I Need A Bargain counts up the recommendations, which then leads to picking a top deal. This top picks feature has no interference from humans, which means there are no biased opinions. The top picks are updated regularly so that no outdated deals stay the top pick.

The top picks feature lessens the need of browsing through thousands of deals for the best one. Deals are ordered according to potential popularity, with the top picks at the top of the page. All categories, one hundred and twenty-one of them, are organized in the same fashion to ensure consistency, ease of use, and lack of confusion.

About INAB
Functioning like a preconfigured web-based RSS Reader, finds and organizes bargains you're interested in. Our website acts as an online deal aggregator and our goal is become your ultimate discount shopping destination.


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