The Actor's Detective announces its five week tele-seminar "Ten Great Ways To Earn Extra Income"

Released on: February 23, 2012, 10:35 am
Author: The Actor's Detective
Industry: Entertainment

As part of their mission to help actors, performers, and creative people everywhere achieve their goals and dreams without financial worries hanging over their heads, The Actor's Detective will be conducting a five week tele-seminar in March 2012 covering ten different areas that people can use their natural talents and abilities to increase their bottom line.

Utilizing information gleaned from years of personal experience in show business by the Actor's Detective staff, this series of seminars will help performers (or anyone with creative abilities) avoid some of the financial pitfalls that can derail potential careers and dash dreams. Each 90 minute session features tips, hints, advice, resources, information and interviews with people who have all had great success in the topic area covered. Even if they can't make it or miss a call, participants will be sent an audio & written copy of every call so that they can catch up or review.

The tele-seminar series is scheduled to begin in mid-March and will take place on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. (Exact dates and times TBA.) Topics range from corporate videos and presentations, one person shows, historical presentations, information marketing and so much more. These are NOT multi-level marketing schemes, envelope stuffing, cold calling or anything like that...These are all REAL OPPORTUNITIES which can be done in your spare time, but are often overlooked by people who are busy trying to build a career or a sideline in show business or the arts, yet are also focusing on paying the bills and covering all the costs that come with marketing oneself properly.

Pursue just one of the ten opportunities, a few, or all of them, it doesn't matter. Once participants have the information from this unique five week seminar they have a golden opportunity in their hands. That's 15 hours of great advice that - if followed according to plans - will help put money in the bank for participants and almost surely bring them continued financial security. No more worries about the next paycheck or being laid off.

Other tele-seminar companies charge thousands for similar information. Because The Actor's Detective was founded by performers, they understand the unique budgeting needs of the performing arts community. As a result, they are offering this amazing tele-seminar at the EXTREMELY low price of just $200! That's right, just $200 for 15 solid hours of information. The amount of value participants will get from this tele-seminar will pay benefits for years and years to come.

For more information about the Actor's Detective March 2012 tele-seminar, or to order, please visit

We are dedicated to helping actors and performers succeed by being proactive. Through our weekly newsletter - full of information and leads on upcoming projects in the entertainment industry, including direct contact information for the big players involved - and other information products (ebooks, teleseminars, etc.) we provide some of the tools needed for performers to stay ahead of the market, increase their network, and - most important - reach out to those who have paved a path to success and to follow their lead.

Contact Details: Chris Lucas
c/o The Actor's Detective
1 Orient Way
Rutherford, NJ 07070


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