Motoring DIY skills in short supply, survey finds

Released on: March 14, 2012, 11:23 am
Author: The Co-operative Motor Group
Industry: Automotive

A new survey has indicated that everyday car repair skills are in relatively short supply among UK motorists, with many drivers lacking any knowledge of a range of relatively simple motoring-related tasks.

According to a poll recently conducted The Co-operative Motor Group, tasks such as topping up oil levels are beyond the knowledge of many UK drivers. More than one in three of those questioned – 37 per cent – said the main reason for their lack of car repair experience was the fact they had never been shown how to do such tasks, while a similar proportion of participants felt it was the responsibility of professional mechanics.

What’s more, two out of five motorists quizzed as part of the survey said they would be unable to change a car tyre in the event of a problem, with one in seven admitting to being unable to open their car’s bonnet. New drivers are frequently asked by examiners to demonstrate how to open the bonnet as one of the ‘show me, tell me’ questions asked before driving tests – which makes this particular finding all the more worrying.

“Many drivers feel bemused by even the most simple elements of modern motoring. They admit to being unable to perform tasks that can be the difference between keeping a car running safely and without major expense, and spending hours waiting for roadside recovery,” said Co-operative Motor Group managing director Tony Guest.

Despite the apparently widespread lack of car repair knowledge and experience among British motorists – 16.95 per cent admitted to not knowing how to top up windscreen washer fluid – nearly half of participants had experienced a breakdown whilst driving their current vehicle. More than one-fifth (22 per cent), however, said they had no breakdown cover whatsoever.

“Breaking down can be a stressful event and motorists would be advised to check that they have adequate breakdown cover to make sure they can get assistance in case the worst happens,” Mr Guest added.


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