Is Paradise Possible In Today’s World?

Released on: April 30, 2012, 2:15 pm
Industry: Media

Are the Economies & Shakers of the World Capable of Unleashing A New Earth?

Silver Spring, MD, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- -- In his book Power of Paradise ~ Inventing The Future With A Choice, the author Dave Skye unveils how the power of choices and decisions, can affect every thing we do, creating ripples strong enough to define a new global age.

Dave Skye in one of his writings shows how the word Black by its literal definition is designed to be the one of the worst of definitions ever created, and does not create room for it to be racially embraced simply by the psychological foundation on which Black has been defined. The Author contends in this first of his stories, that if the definition remains as it is, whether its true or not, the world would have a hard way harnessing the best impact of the African populous in the world. The alternative he gives is truly worth considering.

However, the writer Dave Skye also takes us to the level of a mind-body conscious society, whose every step weighs the balance of decisions for the best harmony of the world, and the advancement of a culture of people you could very much term as living in a Paradisiacal age. How does science impact the world and how do powerful people make a difference in the world? How do the rich leave behind the strength of character that makes generations yet unborn thank them for coming to this earth?

In the book Power Of Paradise, the different writings (short stories) summarize different sets of keys to understanding the character one must embrace to bring about the greatest changes in the world.

Who you are and what you become is almost always defined by the world you live in, except you decide to re-define your world. This world you bring about could be radically different from what you know today, and could be the key to everything this world needs to be.

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Dave Skye
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