Luxury Travel In Kenya Featuring The 7th Wonder!

Released on: July 31, 2012, 9:42 am
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-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The 7 th wonder experience in the Maasai Mara August to March 2013

    1. He goes by the alias code name Kichwa (Head) others call him Panthera Leo, King of the Jungle, Simba however commonly known as Lion. Carry his photo in your wallet at all times since he is the strongest of them all and a good hunter but lazy once he is full.

    2. Vulture He has no code in my records. A staunch member of the Park Clearing Squad. His assignment is to ensure the Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) get no forensic evidence of a kill by the Panthera Leo's or Doa Doa's (Spotted)

    3. Alias Code Name Doa Doa ya Chini or Speed. His real name is Cheetah. You Just have to be faster than the slowest to stay alive.

    4. Msumeno (Saw) or Makasi (Scissors) / Flat Dog. Though he looks lazy and daft, his assignment is to guard all illegal border crossings at the Mara River. Use the Mara Bridge to avoid them if you can and by all means avoid loud splashes when crossing the river as it wakes him up. Or simply stay in the middle of the pack when crossing the river!

    5. Doa Doa Ya Juu (spotted one on the top) it's not a cocktail drink. Always look up whenever you have to pass under bushes or trees. Simply stay clear of trees if you can. He is a staunch member of the BIG FIVE and a stealth hunting machine.

    6. JAWS Alias Doa Doa Chafu (Spotted & Dirty). A sworn life member of the Park Clearing Quad. Avoid his Jaws by all means. Married to the Vulture to make sure the animal CSI get no evidence at the crime scene. They chew bones and eat your hide, hooves and hones for desert.He is always hungry, when not hungry he manufactures hunger. So he is always hungry. Give him a wide bath. He smells so won't have a problem with him sneaking on you.

    7. Finally we have Toyota canned food. Dont worry about them, they are spectators or tourists placed in an anti-predator packages that lions call tinned food' however some lions have tried a packed lunch when they visited some campers wrapped in a tent. They didn't taste good so the Wildebeest are still high on the Menu our secret agent the Jackal on the ground has revealed to us. Breakfast Gnus, Tea and Lunchtime Gnus, followed by a Gnu Steak dinner with Gnu Chops. The Evening Gnus are served with a refreshing Gnu on the rocks, shaken not stirred.

Thousands of human spectators from all over the world will be travelling to Kenya's Masai Mara to view this spectacular event so we have various safaris available with

We now have 1 more room remaining on our safari on the 11-12 August, 2012...for only USD1347 per person sharing in a twin room and USD1200 per person in a triple room. CODE name: Safari Ndovu 5 nights / 6 days.

Other safaris going to the 7 th Wonder of the World that is Maasai Mara include:

CZ 10: Maasai Mara (3 days);

CZ 12: Lake Nakuru / Maasai Mara (4 days);

Maasai Mara by Air Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp (1 or 2/3 nights);

Maasai Mara by Air Governors camp (1 or 2/3 nights) ;

Safari poco-a-poco (the feel like a millionaire safari) (14days);

Serena Circuit safari - adventures in the African bush (17 days);

Twiga (giraffe) safari - most 2 nd popular (9 days);

The 7th Wonder of the World is now taking place at the Masai Mara with Wildebeest migrating in the millions from the World Heritage listed Serengeti National Park into Kenya via the Mara bridge customs and Immigration department. Though the Gnus have to get their passports stamped, millions of them avoid this safe and secure Trans- Mara border post by all means possible and would rather face the dangers of the alternative routes (secretly named Code RED by the GNU'S).

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See what our travellers say on trip advisor {Trip of a life time - What a fantastic trip! Claudia and her staff arranged the perfect Kenyan trip with the ability to be flexible based on our wants and needs. There was so much to see and Claudia was able to "squeeze" a lot of sights in to a 6 day trip. Titus, our guide was also very knowledgeable of the parks and animal behaviour allowing us to get up close and personal with many species. I highly recommend Cruzeiro and thank Claudia and Titus for an unforgettable experience } Charles from Seattle, Washington

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Claudia Kabui is the Sales and Marketing Director of She is a consultant in the Hospitality and related fields. With vast experience in the tourism industry of Kenya she has formulated suitable safari and tours packages for people visiting Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. was founded in 2004 and has offices in Buruburu Shopping center, Nairobi, Kenya. The Kingdom Gardens Guest House She is also a volunteer with the Kenya Girl Guides Association.

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