Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Issue #6 of F(r)iction: A Fine Art and Literature Collection

DENVER, Colorado, 2016-Nov-28 — /EPR Network/ — The nonprofit publisher Tethered by Letters is pleased to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to bring the latest issue of their triannual journal F(r)iction to a wider audience.

F(r)iction is a love letter to storytelling,” says Dani Hedlund, the Editor-in-Chief of F(r)iction and CEO of Tethered by Letters.

Unlike many publications, which set parameters for the work they publish, each issue of F(r)iction features writing of all genres, as well as a graphic short story, a community partner feature, and an author spotlight. Every story and poem in F(r)iction is also accompanied by custom illustrations.

The newest issue, F(r)iction #6, contains an exclusive feature with novelist Isaac Marion, author of the Warm Bodies series, followed by an entire chapter from his new book, The Burning World. It also has a graphic short story written and illustrated by Erin Mehlos, the Eisner-nominated author of Next Town Over.

“Since we started F(r)iction in January 2015, we have already quadrupled our print run and garnered critical acclaim,” says Dani. “We love what we do, and we have a wonderful community of readers who love it, too…but we need to get this book into more hands.”

Despite the fact that this Kickstarter campaign reached its $1,500 target within five days, Tethered by Letters have lined up a fantastic array of stretch incentives to continue growing F(r)iction’s readership.

“Kickstarter is a wonderful way to involve all kinds of people—even those who may have never thought about reading a literary journal!” says Dani.

“We want these stories and this gorgeous artwork to be seen and enjoyed by as many lit and art lovers as possible. We want to show that great storytelling has no limits, that serious work can have mainstream appeal, that great stories, no matter how weird, can still reshape the way we think—and entertain the hell out of us! It’s a strange mission, and it only works if we can get this book out there. Kickstarter is full of people looking for the next cool thing, and we hope you take a chance on us.”

F(r)iction’s parent company, Tethered by Letters (TBL), is a literary 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to helping writers realize their potential. Through its education, community, and publishing sectors, TBL works with emerging writers around the globe to cultivate their craft and help them launch successful creative careers.

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