New Research Discovers That Print Newspapers Could Still Be a Viable Business Model

2017-Oct-12 — /EPR Network/ —Although the perceived wisdom amongst media operators is that the future of news reporting is likely to be dominated by online media, a recent report published by the American Press Institute provided some fascinating insights into the behavior of people prepared to pay for their news.

And newspapers it would seem still have a long-term future, although they might have to constantly evaluate how they report their news in order to cater to the appropriate audience. The survey discovered that there are three main drivers behind why people purchase news. The first is the quality and focus of the reporting, so for instance, if a newspaper has excellent in-depth political or sports coverage, then a customer will stay loyal to that paper because they feel that this provides them with a reliable information portal that they value and are prepared to pay for.

The next reason is slightly more difficult to influence, and that is simply that they read the same paper that their parents read, and the final reason is linked to price promotions. Although prices tend to be significantly cheaper when it comes to digital media, there are a number of different websites where subscription deals for printed newspapers are available. A quick piece of research turned up this site where the print version of the Charlotte Observer was available at an 85 percent discount. For those people who want to find a wider selection, the Newsrates site may be an even better option.

Outside of the USA and UK market, the print media market is expanding rapidly. As this report highlights India and Mexico are great examples of where print media is gaining in the popularity year after year. The key factor in all of this is, as with most businesses to provide the best product possible that feeds peoples desire for information. If the product is of sufficient quality, people will be prepared to pay for it.

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