Casa Betania, Valencia, Spain, 2017-Dec-08 — /EPR Network/ — DHRIM Foundation is pleased to announce that it will be hosting a workshop and meditation retreat from January 26 – February 5, 2018. where donations will be raised to assist people in communities and organizations to become much more harmonious and peaceful.

During the meditation retreats and workshop, people will be thought how the mind works and how to open their hearts and start living from the heart. These retreats are donation based, organized by volunteers who have taken previously the retreat once or several times.

The retreat is a donation based, organized by volunteers who have once partake in a previous retreat. Different speakers who will be speaking in English language, Spanish and Italia like the vipassana retreats will also be in attendance during this period. Also, the attendee’s will be able to decide if they will be interested in listening to audio recording that was made to add more fun into the program on a daily basis.

In a recently completed workshop, a spokesperson for DHRIM foundation said “All workshops that are provided to people have an orientation to seek the opening of their hearts rather than dwelling in the ordinary mind seeking to fix it. The workshops are universal as well, and available to people from any background”

“Workshops are designed with the constructivist model in which the beneficiaries build their learning experience based on their past background and the trainer has a role of a facilitator ensuring that every participant follows the guidelines and develops their skills and shares with others their learning experiences. These workshops are provided by staff or any volunteer who has done both retreats and received proper training over several workshops previously. “ She added.

At this forthcoming retreat, handbook will be made available with questions and practical answers for meditators as an additional guideline for improving meditation skills. Everyone is free to join regardless of any religious background or culture.

For more information about DHRIM foundation and specifically about the meditation retreat and workshop you can visit or contact us:


DHRIM Foundation

Contact Person: Adriana

Telephone: +34 660 39 16 00

Email:  info@dhrim.org

Website: www.dhrim.org  and our social media page: www.facebook.com/DHRIMf/events




DHRIM Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps to contributes to people in communities and organizations to become much more harmonious and peaceful, more aligned with the energy of love and respect for each other, providing always a high level of awareness which helps people recognize their inner Self, follow their intuition and release all limiting and debilitating cellular memories from their bodies, minds and emotions as well as resistance to change.


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