Uniref: A Mission To Provide Higher Education for Refugees

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2018-Jun-13 — /EPR Network/ — UniRef, the international Swiss humanitarian charity organization, has taken one step further toward achieving their goals in creating a world where education is taken to the student and not the other way around by providing an education available for everybody with no prejudices to age, gender, religion or nationality.

Their new project that targets educating refugees in the Emirati-Jordanian camp in Jordan has been successful in equipping the camp with a form of proper university education and vocational training available for more than 750,000 refugees.

To see the success of such a project, a collaboration of efforts was needed which involved various parties whose staffs demonstrated the ultimate form of dedication and belief in a common cause such as the Jordan Red Crescent, Al-Isra University and Al-Badie Group represented by its CEO & vice president Mr. Khaled Al Badie who asserted that the group saved no effort in supporting this endeavor whether by funding or by assigning key expertise such as Dr. Yaseen AlKamas, the group’s COO who was involved personally in the UniRef mission.

The relentless help of the group’s management represented by Mr. Khaled Al Badie has greatly eased the implementation of the UniRef mission and given a major benefit to war victims in the Middle East. This project was a clear demonstration of how the priorities of charities and NGOs integrate with the priorities of company groups and their leaders’ visions to extend need to humanity and avoid a generation sacrificed by war.

About Mr. Khaled Al Badie:
Khaled Mohammed Bin Juan AL Badie, CEO & vice president of Al Badie Group of companies, he is a 51% shareholder of UniTeam on behalf of Al Badie Group.

For more please visit https://www.business-standard.com/article/companies/abu-dhabi-s-abg-plans-indian-foray-107112101011_1.html
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