Isoamyl Alcohol Market Industry Development Scenario and Forecast to 2028

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Isoamyl alcohol is an organic compound and an isomer of amyl alcohol. Isoamyl alcohol is a colourless liquid with moderate volatility. It is majorly used by the flavour and fragrance industry and in various chemical reactions as an intermediate and solvent. In the fragrance industry, it is a common raw material to produce aroma in Soaps, detergent, and fragrance. It constitutes the significant portion of fusel oil and is identified as ester among chamomile oil and other oils. It is also present in aromas of strawberry and raspberry. It is narcotic and is four times harmful than pure ethanol.

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The Isoamyl Alcohol Market is primarily driven by flavouring and fragrance industry. The increased demand for pleasant aromas in soaps, perfume, and detergent by the consumer, increases the demand for isoamyl alcohol. Moreover, with ongoing research and development in the chemical sector would further increase the demand of isoamyl alcohol in the coming future.

Global Isoamyl alcohol Market Dynamics

Increase Usage as Fragrance Agent

Isoamyl alcohol is most commonly used as a fragrance ingredient. The pleasant fruity-winey odour of isoamyl alcohol makes it suitable to be used in cosmetics as well as non-cosmetic application. The most common products with isoamyl alcohol include fine fragrances, soaps, face creams, hair shampoos, hair sprays, and detergents. With the growing demand for cosmetics with a pleasant smell, the demand for isoamyl alcohol increases. Several manufacturers are using isoamyl alcohol to provide aroma to their end product and to establish self-identity of their products via aroma.

Growing Demand for Cosmetic Products

With the growing demand for cosmetic products such as shampoos, aroma soaps, face creams, and perfumes, the demand for cosmetic ingredient increases. Isoamyl alcohol is used in a variety of cosmetic products as a fragrance ingredient. The growing demand for cosmetic products with pleasant aroma especially by millennial drive the isoamyl alcohol market. Moreover, increased consumption of cosmetic products across the globe provides an opportunity for the isoamyl alcohol market to grow in the coming future.

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Isoamyl alcohol is associated with various toxic and harmful side effects if consumed in higher concentration. At higher concentration, isoamyl alcohol is combustible and harmful to aquatic life. It has also recorded skin irritation and acute toxicity when applied in large quantity. Moreover, with precaution isoamyl alcohol is risk-free and is recommended by dermatologists. Also, isoamyl alcohol is approved by the FDA to be used in food additive and synthetic flavouring substance but to be used with precautions. However, toxic and harmful side-effects of isoamyl alcohol can hamper the growth of the isoamyl alcohol market globally.

Global Isoamyl alcohol Market Regional Overview

North America holds the largest market share of isoamyl alcohol due to the advanced production technology and rapid development in the economy. Moreover, Asia Pacific and Latin America also hold the majority of the market share, especially China and Brazil countries. With increase in number of patents and advancements in technologies, Asia Pacific will soon surpass the production by North America and will gain the largest market share of Isoamyl alcohol. With the increasing focus in research activities and availability of advance production technology, Europe will witness a steady growth in the market. On other hand, the growing economy of Latin America and increasing in focus in research and development activities, the production of isoamyl alcohol will increase in the coming future. Also, Middle East and Africa will see a moderate growth in the isoamyl alcohol market.

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