Novum Learning’s Ultimate Masterclass for MS Word Tables Is Now Online

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Sydney, Australia, 2021-Apr-30 — /EPR Network/ — Established documentation specialists and MS word experts from Novum Learning came together to produce one of the most comprehensive masterclasses featuring the advanced uses and functions of Word tables: Ultimate Skillset To Manage Tables In MS Word. The course targets lawyers, secretaries, and document specialists who want to master the art of setting up and designing tables on MS Word and find more effective ways to organize documents. 

As a relatively new microlearning platform, Novum Learning is continuously expanding its word training courses to help professionals maximize the potentials of MS Word as a word processing tool. Helping professionals build a solid knowledge of MS Word’s rows, columns, and tables, however, is just the first step in their overall goal to provide a complete set of microlearning courses highlighting the features and potentials of the word processing tool. There’s more to come.

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Why Professionals Need to Master Building and Formatting Word Tables 

Many MS Word users today view tables as a common organizational element made up of rows and columns. That’s why they don’t bother advancing their basic knowledge and skills in relation to building, formatting, and designing tables. Little did they know that MS Word tables offer so much more in structuring essential information and data. And the best way to unlock their advanced features and other offerings is to go from basic to advance.

A masterclass in building and managing word tables can offer all-inclusive word training for professionals. It can be even more effective to lawyers, secretaries, and document specialists who constantly draft long documents and presentations. Becoming a master of MS Word— including its tools and features—can address one’s skill gaps and improve a company’s overall document production process.  

What Can You Get From ‘Ultimate Skillset To Manage Tables In MS Word’

Novum Learning’s Ultimate Skillset To Manage Tables In MS Word is a 100-minute microlearning class comprising three courses. It’s one of the early MS Word masterclasses from Novum’s portfolio of word training courses targeting professionals whose careers and day-to-day functions mostly center around drafting documents and presentations. 

Novum Learning aims to help these professionals, especially those who aren’t tech-savvy enough, understand that MS Word offers advanced features that can expedite their document production process. As such, this online microlearning course can provide mastery of the following skills: 

  1. Build tables quickly and efficiently by utilizing the quick access toolbar
  2. Turn listed content and text into more organized and easy-to-navigate tables
  3. Move and format long MS Word tables without negatively affecting the existing texts and data on the document
  4. Create signature blocks for better organization
  5. Make basic and advanced calculations using MS Word tables, the same function offered by MS Excel

Beginners and professionals can quickly learn and understand the basic foundations of all MS Word tools and functions, especially tables. Still, there’s a whole lot to master here. And this mastery can turn all your information, report, and data into a well-organized piece of document. Novum Learning promises that you’ll master the use of word tables and execute more organized documents in a speedy manner by the end of this course.

Visit Novum Learning’s list of courses to find more masterclasses that can address skill gaps. If you have zero to limited knowledge about MS Word tables, columns, and rows, you can start with Novum’s Back to Basics: Setting Up Tables in MS Word before you take this masterclass. 


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