First Aid Courses Set To Be Opened Up To The Unemployed

Released on: December 07, 2012, 2:45 pm
Industry: Education

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Train Aid Ltd is set to offer free first aid training courses to members of the London community. This new scheme will be held on an outside setting on Clapham common starting next spring. The idea behind the concept is to try and reach out to the millions of people who have never been on such training. The recession has hit hard and many people cannot afford luxuries such as extra-curricular courses. The hope is that hosting practical led courses in an outside setting will also reach out to people who would previously have had no previous interest in the subject area.

Many communities within London have been hit very hard by the recession, and it has led to spiralling levels of unemployment. Generally people have less money at the end of the month, and subsequently cannot afford extra activities. This comes at a time when more people are being encouraged to get involved with first aid, yet offered no financial aid. Setting up a free course once a month gives people the opportunity to gain certification, and who knows it could lead to more lives being saved.

Traditionally these types of courses have been housed in a classroom environment. However this is by no means law, and therefore the classroom could be replicated in an outside setting. The plan is to help those who are unemployed, but the scheme may catch people who would have had no previous interest in the subject area. It is thought that the outside setting will invigorate people and open their minds up to learning new skills. The companies policy of making first aid training courses practical based could also add to the interest level.

The initiative was first created by Tom Casserly, founder of the company in 2009. Luckily he was on hand to give us an insight into the details of the plan:

“In simple terms more people need an introduction to first aid in the hope to save lives. In times of plenty the government may have been able to subsidize training for the unemployed. However this will not be the case for many years so the hope is that initiatives like this will provide opportunity. We can only offer a small number of these courses as we have a specific business model. However we feel this is a first, and its more than most companies will be doing”.

Contact Details: Train Aid Ltd, 32 Somers Road, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 9PH,


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