Laundry 365 Can Deal With All Hygienic Barrier Washer Extractors

Released on: January 07, 2013, 10:07 am
Industry: Electronics

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Laundry 365 have taken great care over the years to build a business that is based around what the customer requires both in terms of equipment and in the service and advice that is needed to run a successful laundry. The company ethos has been to use the major attributes of its main employees to ensure success not only for Laundry365 but also for the customer because it is deemed that the 2 are totally and should be totally reliant on each other. When the company was formed it was built by staff that had years of experience in working in the laundry environment and this is still considered its greatest asset.

One of the areas where the company has been particularly strong is in the supply and fitting of the larger washing machines and this is very much the case with specialist situations. Laundry 365 is able to supply some excellent equipment for Hygienic Barrier Washer Extractors with equipment of all sizes up to individual loads of 180kgs. Laundry 365 is proud to have the staff which can advise on all aspects of the washers and recommend the correct size and accessory equipment that will ensure the very best for the operation and they can even supply a full design for the laundry itself if required. By definition Laundry 365 stands for 365 days a year and that is the system that the company set up on so that they could supply a service 365 days a years as they recognise that companies using equipment like this do not have the luxury of working when they want but have to meet the demands of all year working. The large barrier machines work in hospitals, care homes and large hotels. Basically anywhere that people live or stay in large numbers.

The large hygienic washer extractors are free standing machines with large stainless steel cabinets and stainless steel drums. Because the commercial washing machines are severe workhorses they have an oversized frame, drum and bearings with a large door opening for easy loading and unloading. The micro-processor controls are now almost infinite in the number of options that can be programmed into the system and Laundry 365 is delighted to have so many options and is only too pleased to be able to pass on the benefit of their experience to the customers. Any Hygienic Barrier system will require specialist soaps and detergents and the equipment is able to deal with up to 10 different compartments in the automatic soap dispensers in order to provide the right ingredients to remove any contaminants. Security of the wash can be checked from sample water taps and the process can always be simply and adequately checked up throughout the intended cycle.

Laundry 365 are used to installing large commercial laundry equipment into areas where there are strong environmental as well as safety and security provisions to be met but whether it be large or small the same dedicated team will drive forward the project to ensure a great working result as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

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