Launches IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign to Develop Digital Learning Platform

Released on: March 29, 2013, 9:03 am
Industry: Environment

San Francisco, CA, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Educating local government officials on the benefits of recycling their cities' organic waste is about to become a whole lot easier, thanks to the digital age., a brand-new media company with operations in Malmö, Sweden and San Francisco, California, just launched its maiden 35-day crowdfunding campaign on is dedicated to packaging an unprecedented online learning platform for local governments in effort to bring officials up to speed on organic waste management practices. The team is driven by Camille W. Duran, a recognized media expert specializing in building digital platforms for the knowledge industry.

As of today, it's not easy enough for influencers from around the world to get basic education on organic waste management according to Duran. The difficulty of the early-stage research is a real barrier to action. We want to build a platform showcasing industry knowledge and great stories, to equip participants with a vision and a thorough understanding of the topic. is currently leveraging different funding avenues. The 17k goal will directly finance the production of a first course, featuring seven to twelve minute documentary-style videos with whiteboard animated lessons designed by industry experts. The open course, comprised of several modules, will be accessible on-demand from an online course catalog for free. The first course will be initially distributed to 200 local governments in the US and Europe and aims at encouraging officials to start effectively managing and profiting from their city's organic waste stream.

Access to best practice guidelines, expert opinions, cutting-edge research and most importantly, success stories in neighboring cities, packaged in one online platform, can ultimately pave way for a domino effect. It's very exciting to see the impact that online education is having on other industries says Camille, and it's time for the recycling industry to truly profit from it as well. aims to become a premium digital platform for knowledge sharing in the field.

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