Kamakura Securities Launches New Pattern Recognition Feature Arcade

Released on: May 02, 2013, 3:40 pm
Industry: Financial, Software, Internet & Online

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Pattern recognition makes it easier for investors to identify and act on key technical movements in stock charts leading to more profitable investment decisions.

Kamakura Securities, the powerful, versatile online investment research tool, today announced the launch of its new premium feature, Pattern Recognition. The feature automatically highlights past and emerging stock chart patterns, such as Cup with Handle and Ascending Base, which can help investors pinpoint optimal points to buy and sell stocks. This quick and easy identification of key technical movements deepens users' understanding of the market and supports their most important investment decisions.

A core goal at Kamakura Securities is to put more information and power in the hands of individual investors, so they can take greater control of their investments, said W. Scott Yong Cao, president of Kamakura Securities . Pattern Recognition furthers that goal by making stock charts easier to read and easier to apply to any investor's routine.

Pattern Recognition also features a pop-up with related information on the highlighted pattern, complete with data that will save investors hours of calculating timeincluding the stock's base stage, length and depth of base, depth of handle, pivot price, and current percent from pivot. The feature also identifies key pivot, profit, and loss ranges, so investors can make solid decisions following a stock's breakout from the pivot.

Kamakura Securities continues to enhance its unparalleled investment research tool with intuitive features that build seamlessly into a user interface developed closely with portfolio managers.

About Kamakura Securities
Kamakura Securities is a securities industry brokerage group that provides unique technology and research to institutional and individual clients. We specialize in developing high performance trading software, securities investment and systems trading. We are committed to providing innovative solutions to active traders and the alternative investment community.

Kamakura Securities is a leader in advanced technologies and research, bringing the benefits of innovative technology, sophisticated research and analysis to clients the world over. We lead the industry in creating trading technology in house with a growing team of programmers and software developers.

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