LC Sciences Launches Online Searchable Knowledgebase

Released on: October 08, 2013, 12:48 am
Industry: Biotech, Internet & Online

Houston, TX, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- LC Sciences, LLC, a leading provider of microRNA analysis services, today announced the launch of a new online searchable knowledgebase that researchers can use to locate technical information on the company's website. This announcement comes on the heels of the launch of LC Sciences' re-designed company website last week. The knowledgebase contains technical information in the form of application notes, technical bulletins, customer publications, presentations, reviews of seminal publications in the field, etc. This documents database contains over one thousand entries and encompasses a wide range of research fields; from plant science to neuroscience. Additionally, all entries have been carefully meta-tagged to improve search results.

Having served the microRNA research community for the past nine years, we've accumulated quite a large library of reference documents such as application notes and related customer publications. This new resource offers the community a simple, user friendly search interface that makes it easier for them to locate the information they're looking for within that library. Chris Hebel (Vice President of Business Development, LC Sciences)


The knowledgebase is freely accessible to all at:

About microRNA (miRNA) miRNAs are small non-protein-coding RNA molecules that function as negative regulators of gene expression by complete or imperfect base pairing with specific mRNAs. This either inhibits translation or promotes mRNA degradation. Their mechanism of action is far reaching and complex; each miRNA may control many genes and it is estimated that miRNAs regulate expression of up to 1/3 of all human genes.

About LC Sciences LC Sciences is a leader in miRNA discovery and profiling services, delivering high quality results based on our innovative µParaflo® custom microarray platform and the latest next-gen sequencing technologies. We have developed complementary bioinformatics tools necessary for extracting biological and functional information from large microRNA and miRNAome data sets. LC Sciences provides microfluidic made-to-order microarrays and delivers the most up-to-date genomics application tools for advancement in basic science and applied biomedical fields. For more information, please visit

Chris Hebel
VP of Business Development


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